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Type 1 Abstract Existence for The Worm In Waiting?

I love how the game even points out you can't actually harm it

The Worm came in through the boundary fences of spacetime like a hungry predator, or a jilted and furious lover. It's still out there, and wherever it is, no doubt it's angry. But you have the incandescent shards of its avatar to hoard and to study, as a cosmic trophy. Other empires will know what you have achieved today.

The Loop in context means... Well, PROBABLY means time anomolies but it's weird.
Oh, is this precognition?

This time, [scientist name] is the only crew-member aboard. The ship is running fully automated... and its systems are programmed to detonate the drive once conditions match those immediately prior to the last ship's disappearance. As it approaches the exit point, the telemetry stream fills up with fascinating data. Once again, space flexes, gravity uncoils. [scientist name] reads off the headline data, echoing the telemetry. They are commendably calm: we've sent a professional. It takes a little while for anyone to realize that something is peculiar about the timing.

[scientist name] is no longer echoing the data: They're predicting it. The telemetry disagrees, but only for a few seconds, until it catches up. Our monitoring team is just reporting that the prediction interval is increasing when there is a sudden energy spike.

The drive has detonated: a brief flare of stellar fury, quickly lost in the darkness of [black hole name]. Whatever we encountered there, it may regret its interference. We'll never know. The Horizon Signal does not come again. But our team may find something interesting in the ashes of the ship.
@ZacharyGrossman273, Yes, it is precognition

I agree with Type 1 Abstract
Should the worm have Universe level+ striking strength and immeasurable lifting strength as it's true form exists outside space-time?
There isn't really any good official images of the worm itself, the closest thing we had was the official black hole image. There is this fanart but we usually don't use fanart

Is this type 8?

"It's unlikely that time can run both ways. It's unlikely that there's a cosmic serpent twined round the universe, gazing in with eyes bigger than our whole species. On the other hand, a number of unlikely things have happened lately"