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the worm in waiting

  1. Inksaness

    The instrument of Desire and The Worm In Waiting should merge into The Worm in Waiting page!

    Message Wall:Antvasima | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom
  2. Holyhotsauce

    Squirmy Gods - Akka, Worm of Secrets vs The Worm in Waiting

    The worst tapeworms Akka: Worm : Incon: Scenario: Both Low 2-C Akka is assumed to have Type 4 acausality SBA
  3. ZacharyGrossman273

    Janet VS The Worm in Waiting

    Speed equalized Snek: 0 Robot: 0 Incon: 0
  4. ZacharyGrossman273

    Stellaris Revisions

    The Worm in Waiting "We've reproduced conditions that approximate those around the black hole. We've found that the fragments we recover cycle between states, in ways that should be impossible - as if time were oscillating. We can derive energy from this - although there are worrying changes to...
  5. ZacharyGrossman273

    Bill Cipher VS The Worm In Waiting

    Since it's my turn to bully the dorito 2-A VS Low 2-C, speed equalized Illuminati VS Snek
  6. ZacharyGrossman273

    Crazy Clown Fights Long Snek

    Speed equalized Pennywise: 0 The Worm in Waiting: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. Phoenix821

    Alduin vs The Worm in Waiting

    The Worm in Waiting: 0 Aldui: 0 Inconclusive: 8 (ZacharyGrossman273, DMUA, ABoogieYesSir ,Jimboydejuan12, Jackythejack, DarkWraths, Waria Kambang, Iapitus The Impaler)
  8. ZacharyGrossman273

    Worm in Waiting VS Habit

    The Worm in Waiting: HABIT: Inconclusive: Speed equalized and Low 2-C for both
  9. Battle for the Strongest Low 2-C: Lavos Vs TWW

    Well, someone said me to make this match, this wird thing vs another monster thing, battle of abomination! Both Low 2-C Speed Unequal Lavos: 0 TWW: 0 blablabla the strongest! Wrong pic but who care?
  10. ZacharyGrossman273

    The Vampire King Tries To Shatter The Loop

    Celebrating a downgrade with a match up. The Worm Confessed his love to Dracula and got rejected. Like any good Yandere, he reacts violently. Speed equalized. The Vampire King: 0 The End in The Beginning: 0
  11. ZacharyGrossman273

    Yandere Fight - Monika VS The Worm in Waiting

    Done with revisions, testing out my haxed Low 2-C. Speed equalized. Fourth Wall Waifu: 0 Stronk Snek: 2 Inconclusive: 0
  12. ZacharyGrossman273

    Type 1 Abstract Existence for The Worm In Waiting?

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DWz9gJTXcAELw5H.jpg Something I noticed, with the current comment that justifies the worm's Low 2-C, is the statement is that the worm is the same thing as "The Loop". Does this qualify for type 1 abstract existence?