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Twitch Plays Pokemon Revision

Note: It is a CRT in FC/OC VS Battles Wiki.

It is simple: adding Multiple Selves (Type 1) to The Voices' profile because The Voices is the representation of collective "players".
The matter of whether or not The Voices' have souls aside, I feel this seems agreeable.
Looking at the profile, though, I wonder if there isn't Fan Art better evocative of the nature of The Voices, since they instruct.
They don't tend to make player characters levitate with glowing eyes of power & crazy revelations, unless that's like, meant to represent the start of them gaining control off-screen at the start of the run, which is a little fanon, arguably, even so for FC/OC Wiki.
The matter of whether or not The Voices' have souls aside, I feel this seems agreeable.
I personally prefer that The Voices does not have soul because they are reflection of the people in Real Life and The Voices is the one who possessed Pokemon protagonists, not the one who is possessed, but I'm not sure since the evidence is not solid enough. By the way, The Voices arguably has the considerable amounts of selves in the fiction.