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The Witcher upgrades

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VS Battles
Hello everyone.

Witcher verse got some good calcs this week and some good statement to support the upgrade.

And all characters that scales from Geralt need to be upgraded to 8-C.

Geralt's AP should be like that

Attack Potency: Building level (Could fight Dragons during Witcher 2, that can destroy a bunch of pillars. Harmed Golyat, that destroyed a huge wall made of rock. Fought against and traded blows with Dettlaff. Can easily beat up Rock Trolls with his bare hands. Can freeze 4 humans with Piercing Cold. Fought Savolla), higher with Aard (Aard can stun enemies that Geralt couldn't do physically, like Earth Elementals and Golems. Potrayed to be stronger than Geralt's physical strenght multiple times), even higher with Potions (Potions makes Geralt far stronger than his base form)
Just so everybody know - the first scan is from The Last Wish, exactly from sub-story "The Voice of Reason", first page, and it's well translated. There is massive amount of lightning feats in the series so I don't think it's and outlier by any means.
while i'm a little sceptical about geralt having MHS+ speed i do however agree with the fact that geralt is 8-C

even the calc on the 9-A feats were done by monsters that were literally not even minding the objects, they literally rammed through walls with no effort and that should've made them 9-A+ from the start
No reason to be sceptical about the MHS+ rating since we literally have a statement for the speed. And Kayran is pretty useless since it doesn't have a profile and Geralt doesn't scale.

Savolla need his profile as fast as possible
ThaTSayMarine said:
Oh i thought because you didn't link the higher vampires ramming into the wall feat but that isn't needed when we can link directly to dettlaff
Well Regis is comparable to Dettlaff, and Regis did the wall smashing feat. If Geralt can trade blows with Dettlaff, he scales
Jvando said:
I think the AP rating is chillin but I got no comment about the speed
There are more things about lightning speed for Witcher, like dodging multiple lightning attacks, characters fighting against someone who can use cloud-to-ground lightning and more one statement about Witchers having lightning fast reflexes
Aside from the "lightning-fast reflexes" which is textbook hyperbole, everything else looks ok I guess.
Geralt cutting down 20 men in a blink of an eye

Dodging and reacting to djinn's lighting attacks

The statement that geralt struck with force and speed of an lighting bolt

and i actually think that the "lighting fast reflexes" isn't a hyperbole

Now through out the witcher franchise there have been a lot of fast monsters (notable being the vampires) and fast people but they've never been referred to be lighting fast

Vampires speed is either stated that they were faster than blinking or faster than the wind

The other statements about speed is "inhumanely fast"

tho only witchers were ever refered to have lighting fast reflexes weirdly enough, i can't remember any moment anywhere when someone referred someone as lighting fast
ThaTSayMarine said:
tho only witchers were ever refered to have lighting fast reflexes weirdly enough, i can't remember any moment anywhere when someone referred someone as lighting fast
I mean, the main focus of the franchise is the Witchers, not Vampires or some another monster. You can't just expect a lot of information from the monster.
I also messaged DDM, hope he reads the post and some comments as well. After his comment I will start to apply the changes

>Trade blows with Dettlaff

Dettlaff was almost staggering Geralt with just a backhand.
Seems legit. Although, I'd at the very least like to know other notable speed feats if any.
All relevant speed feats were linked above.

I will apply the 8-C rating, because everyone accepted
There's the arrow-swatting calc which I've yet to get Bambu to approve so that can wait.

Azar Javed however, legit uses cloud-to-ground lightning as seen here
I saw legit AP feats, but I was asking if there were other speed feats to back up the claim.
LOL just check the history, also you ****** up on the justifications, mine's cleaner
It isn't. We don't need to spam "Who can do this" everytime we link a calculation.
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