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The Problem with NES Little Mac and Mike Tyson

The AP justification for both characters is that they scale to each other, with no explanation as to how that makes them 9-C.

That's all.
Later on in the fight Mike Tyson's attacks get weaker and you can survive them, not only that but you can guard the OHKO punches (though you still get hurt pretty badly)

And the real reason they're 9-C is that they're the champion and the runner-up of a worldwide boxing tournament. That just kind of implies they are at that level yknow.
Cause there's no feats that say they are? Basically all Punch-Out! feats are from the Wii game, if you wanna argue they should backscale all the way to the arcade game, I'm neutral towards that

They are the world's best boxers

How is it a no-no that they are as strong, if not stronger, as the world's best boxers that's literally the justification for 3/4 of the 9-Cs on this site
Pretty sure Mike Tyson is one of the tier boundaries for 9-C. You kinda have to be there to be the world heavyweight champion. This is being weirdly pedantic, we assume things are like our reality if nothing indicates otherwise because that is the default.
Our reality is the default, unless there are feats that say otherwise (Such as Danganronpa normal humans being 9-A, or some indie game I forget the name of having 10-C humans) we assume an average human is 10-B
I'd argue mac is 10-A because he's much weaker than other boxers he gets to where he is because of skill rather than strength some boxers are strong engough to one shot mac
He's able to knock out Bald Bull in one punch, do huge damage with Star Punches, and hurt Hippo through his fat, I think that's enough.
No, he's just 9-C, period, stop arguing this, it's basic logic.
Why would one type of punch he throws just be inexplicably stronger by his normal output by that much, he'd need to basically be right next to 9-C anyways to begin with. Of course your jabs aren't going to hit as hard as a blow you fully commit to, this is a pretty weird take ngl
Like I get the logic, a 10-A can hurt a 9-C, but basically every boxer has incredible stamina, and Mac can still knock out every single one of them when irl most matches end in the judges' decision. And also, what Wok said
You say that as if Mike Tyson (and others) wasn't skilled too.

Even a featherweight boxer is 9-C anyway, and a real life one could barely stagger heavyweight boxers, let alone knock them out in the first round.
Skill isn't going to make him able to magically instantly KO people supposedly far stronger than him within the confines of the rules of boxing.