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The hax category


Maintenance worker
VS Battles
DarkLK recently contacted me regarding a review of the criteria for the hax category.

He stated that it is preposterous that low-level characters who can, for example, control molecules, are lumped together with cosmic entities.

He would prefer if people would understand that "hax" is something relative. For example, atomic destruction is a hax for tier 8, but it is not hax for tiers 2, and the same goes for abilities like time stop.

He also stated that:

Reality/probability/causality warping is not hax for cosmic entities, it is mediocrity for them. Hax is something that should grant a significant advantage over opponents with equal statistics.

Someone like Featherine compared with the characters of her tier possesses hax to the same extent as a caveman with a big club in comparison with other cavemens with a clubs.
Also, after we rewrite the description/criteria for the hax category, somebody would have to remove it from the characters that do not fit.
He's right. Tbh, I think the hax category has beings with only one small but powerful hax instead of a multitude. I'll admit I'm guilty of it.
Hmm. I really don't see the issue with the way it is described now..

i'm really not sure what other way you could do it?
Perhaps an added note that says something like:

"Take note that "hax" is something relative. For example, atomic destruction, and time stop, are hax abilities for tier 8, but not for tier 2.

Reality/probability/causality warping abilities are not hax for cosmic entities, they are mediocre for beings of this level. Hax is something that should grant a significant advantage over opponents with equal statistics."
Ah ok, we're adding onto the current rule and not completely changing it. got it.

Honestly what you wrote sounds pretty good to me
Okay. I will change the description accordingly. However, somebody would also have to remove the category from all listed tier 2, 1, and 0 characters.
Well, technically all that is below the tier 1-A may well have a good hax.
I suppose so, although I can probably do it with an auto script. (I haven't used it in a while, so I briefly forgot the option)
KuuIchigo said:
So only remove them from Tier 1-A and up?

It's not exactly what I mean. If some high tier has abilities that allow to ignore the stats of an equal beings, a category should stay.
Are there some characters remaining here that should have the category removed?
I agree that hax is relative, but the should the hax category characters be based upon in-verse hax, or hax with respect to their relative tier?
With respect to their relative tier, I think.
That brings up a question. What is relative per tier? Like, even atomization wouldn't be that big of a hax in tier 3, but say, 5 and lower would be devastating.
i have to actually agree with the proposal. there often are times when people just refer to a listed ability of hax and call it a day as if that alone would mean a win in the respective battle. hax no longer is seen as an important but still synergetic ability for a character but suddenly gets treated as the one and only thing people discuss about

breaking down these things to make it more viable - yeha. im in
I agree that hax should be relative, but like Cal I'm not really sure what would be considered hax per tier. Some stuff like Reality Warping is a huge advantage for anything below Tier 3, but par for the course in Tier 3 and up.
To re-phrase (please feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood), we are modifying our current interpretation of the terminology "hax" to:

"Hax is any ability/technique/power which allows a particular character to exceedingly surpass (in combat) another character with similar statistics."

in fact certain hax could even surpass characters way out of their stat league. the thing is tho - what are the odds they can pull it off before being outmatched?

unless we somehow limit the application of "hax" to characters on a level it has worked on, like we do for certain energy-reflective moves.

however than "hax" no longer is "hax" and loses basically all of its danger and is heavily limited in vs usage
Well, to simplify things a bit, can people start listing characters here, that should have the category removed?
I guess what DarkLK said seemed reasonable but like Cal and Dark, how do we define hax for each tier though?

Darkanine does have a point in that things like Reality Warping is something that should advantagive for those of much lower tiers than Tier 3/2.

Hmm....lot to think about this.
What about characters with multiple tiers/key categories? I suppose it would depend on at what point they possessed so-and-so technique or ability?
@CrossverseCrisis Well, the abilities need to be sufficient to give a serious advantage compared to other characters of the same tier, to be counted as hax, so for tier 2 characters they would need to be very extreme.

@ThePerpetual I think so, yes.
@Antvasima: Well that makes the most sense for Tier 2's, i suppose. Aside that, a character needs to have abilities that really give them a significant advantage in battle in comparison to those of their level to have the hax category.....right?
Okay. So, I would appreciate some help with listing which tier 2 characters (and othervise) that need to have this category removed?
That looks like all of them. I left out 2-C, btw, because people like Giorno with extremely famous hax are a part of that tier as well.
Okay. I would appreciate help from the rest of the staff with removing the hax category from those characters.
That was extremely quick. Thank you very much for the help.