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The Dark Knight Revisions

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VS Battles
Don't know if weaponry coming from a suit counts as natural weaponry or if tranq batarangs count as status effect inducement, but everything else checks out.
The natural weaponry I can comply with, but Tranquilizers are considered a form of Status Effect Inducement, under the Paralysis variant.
Should probably add Fear inducement aswell since I'm pretty sure the things he threw at Bane had Scarecrows gas in them.
I could be wrong, that's just what I interpreted them to be but looking back at it now they could just be the little gunpowder things Ra's Al Ghul showed Bruce in the first Movie so disregard what I said.
Seems reasonable, though Natural Weaponry is dubious.
I also think that this seems fine except for natural weaponry.
Ah, I'll make sure to not add Natural Weaponry then.

That being said, I'll start to implement this, as enough input has been reached
Not open for further replies.