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The Boxer upgrade

So Aaron Tide has a speed amp where he uses technique and immediately goes from subsonic to hypersonic. Problem is, Yu has a similar thing and doesn't have it listed anywhere. Why? Cause Azontr was lazy.
What will I do now? I will provide an explanation and evidence why Yu should have a similar amp.

So Aaron's entire technique is signified in a specific way - his face is shown dark with white pupils and he goes into a "monster" state where he only thinks about doing everything for survival.
While Yu doesn't heavily change his thought process, he does have a similar state where he goes into a "monster" stance and boosts his speed beyond how he normally is. He also goes way faster as shown when he was seemingly being "overwhelmed" by Jean Pierre but the moment he got into the stance he blitzed him and handed his ass to him.
Here are the scans for Aaron going full monster mode during his technique and Yu accelerating to blitz Jean.
Yu and Aaron are constantly compared to each other as monsters and so it would make sense that they could both go into a serious state.

That is all.

Agrees: @azontr, @Serlock_Holmes, @SeijiSetto


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