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T-Rex (Jurassic Park) vs V-Rex (King Kong)

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The Vastatosaurus is much larger than the Tyrannosaurus, so it's kind of a mismatch in favor of the V-rex.
Chu Minh Duy said:
Kiryu2012 said:
Missy0124 said:
but that is normal t rex not t rex jurassic park t rex could be bigger
No, the JP rex or more or less the same size as a normal Tyrannosaurus.
the green T-rex is JP3 T-rex, Rexxy is kind of litter bit bigger than that
She's hardly that much bigger than the JP3 Rex, if at all, and the Vastatosaurus is still way bigger.
This match is dumb no matter how one looks at it

T-Rex had to deal with dinos who beat them simply because infections were all the rage back then. An Anyclosaurus or Triceratops could kill them off.

Vastosaurus would have had to deal with Kong's Race, Ventosaurus Raptors, Giant River Monsters, 200 foot Sauropods, etc. They had far worse monsters, and let's not forget the fact that the V-Rex's head alone is the size of half the T-Rex.

This is not even a remotely good matchup. This is a fail. V-Rex would rip through T-Rex
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