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Star Wars Pages

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I noticed character such as General Grievous, Durge and everyone else who is scaled to them are large building level for fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi. However Obi-Wan's profile is rated as town-likely city, with Grievous' page even mentioning he's scaled to the guy who can harm him. Is there any reason the pages are like this?
I think it means their Lightsaber cutting power/striking strength is scaled off of Grevious's duability while their Force Power is scaled off the various Tier 7 feats in Star Wars.
Grievous' durability is town level, which is then scaled to Obi-Wan physically for harming him without lightsabers, but then everyone who is scaled to Obi-Wan is large building for no apparent reason.
According to ChaosTheory, it was a rough approximation given that Obi-Wan could slightly dent Grievous' body with physical attacks.
I didn't set the rating, I just went with the flow. Unfortunately I don't have an NF account so I can't ask Chaos about it.

Because Vader's armor is more durable than droids that have an 8-A durability feat, but I'm still fairly sure that's an outlier. Need to read up on Boba Fett more to figure him out.
You can probably scale off Boba off his clone dad, Jango, who was able to catch a Force-augmented kick from Obi-Wan. Though it might seem iffy so feel free to disregard it.
I don't think the jedi are physically that strong with out some force amplification, with general grievous, he should be 7-C he is renowned for killing a shit ton of jedi so him being 7-C doesn't seem so far fetched as for Boba and Jango those seem like Outliers to me , The jedi get taken down by blaster bolts which for the most part are not even close to town level in AP. with out the force jedi are basically Peak human dudes with martial arts and laser swords.
Boba Fett is not the focus of the thread, but he fought Vader twice and it would be consistent with fighting enemies who can damage him.
Bump this thread, it not make any sense that you fight with someone who is town level and Multi-Continent level in EU and still only High 8-C
Antvasima said:
Okay, so should I close this then?
Go ahead and close this. Can make a separate revision thread for the Fett and son after a calc request of mine goes through.
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