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Small Durability Negation CRT

Wally phase-killing stuff is probably a better image indeed. I'll see if I can find a good scan. If someone has a better idea for durability negation that easily informs new users of the ability then I am open to suggestions.
Use that scan of him phasing Amazo's brain out

Edit: Here

Thanks was looking for that. There is another one where he explodes some kind of plant-monster but the Amazo-one is more well-known.
That is an Elseworlds story featuring Barry Allen btw. It is called "The Nail".
Oh wow I didn't know that, I know he looked weird but I always thought people said this was Wally's feat, well thanks for correcting me and adding the image then.
so should wally be removed from the users section for now? i've looked at his profile about 10 times now and i'm 100% sure he doesn't have durability negation.
i don't think that first image is durability negation and that second image is just him vibrating a tomato.
In the beginning of Post-Crisis, Wally has trouble controlling his phasing, this means that anything he goes through tends to explode, hence he does not vibrate through humans or else it would kill them. This is most certainly durability negation.
the first image doesn't show that from what i see he phased through the wand and the guys hand blew off and regenerated.
"My vibrations keep me intangible but blow up anything I pass through"

Wally also used this same tactic against Black Racer. https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-c53f46a9ac3e4c416fe26d691c042f6b-c (Sorry for bad quality)

Tomato also blows up because of him vibrating, can confirm because I read the comic and this was his plan: speed-steal the guillotine that vibrates with him due to special properties (so he can't phase out of it), then get Linda who was mind-controlled angry so she would throw a tomato at him and then vibrate through the tomato to blow up the guillotine.
i can't zoom in can you get that in better quality? and yeah i know that but that was just a tomato not exactly a very durable object.
Well someone's heart isn't that durable either but I get your point, if you want proof of him phasing through Superman or something then I'll have to disappoint you, I don't think he ever did, that said intangibility should not depend too much on the density of something unless we're talking black holes, which he also successfully phased through, albeit with some pain.
i think a likely durability negation is fine considering the statement and wally has phased through objects before and they've exploded so it's not unrealistic that wally ''could'' phase through someone and they would explode but IIRC he's never done that.
What's the difference between something and someone? both are made of matter. Also noboby is ever gonna argue that Flash can't phase-kill someone, it's basically like saying GER can't do causality manipulation.
the difference is that usually something isn't sentient and things he has phased through have low durability but flash phasing through things and them exploding supports the statement so it's not out of the question that he can phase kill someone it's that he's never done that IIRC.
@Ant thanks I will edit him.

@Lavcore Well it's obviously out of character for him to just phase-kill (he did phase-kill some tree-monster but this one has a low durability again), also Black Racer's ski poles are a part of his body since he later regenerates them and this Black Racer has low 1-C durability according to his profile soooo.
well if they are apart of his body and he has regenerated them then i suppose durability negation is fine.

Thanks. So what is left to do here?
It's a feat for another timeline version of him.