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Slight Alex Mercer Revision

Okay, so I just finished playing Prototype 1, and I would like to have premission from an administrator to unlock the page so i can add a few more abilities to the list.
Staff revisions are probably still underway if those pages are being worked on. Besides you should discuss revisions first with others before adding them in.

The Staff Revisions were completed earlier today and only affected Tier 6 anyway, so it should be alright to open Alex's page.

@Jjp7123 Tell me when you're done.
They could, but I can always evaluate them afterward. As long as they're nothing too controversial (i.e. suddenly stamping Reality Warping on his page) then it should be fine.

I read the entire Prototype Wiki out of boredom a couple of years ago, so I should be able to make basic judgments at the least.
LOL Alex Mercer a reality warper, that's a good one. Is Alex Mercer really that controversial of a character?
People like to take his statements out of context (i.e. "I have gone beyond life and death").

Anyways, it seems that you've finished, so I've locked it back up. You haven't forgotten anything, right?
Oh, I see. I've never heard of that before. Anyways, thanks. I think I might make a page for James Heller soon.