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The trees were swaying to the wind's mellow beat. The night was cold and unforgiving, as a man started to run. "Oh crap, oh crap, OH CRAP!" He was running from the 45 ft tall beast that was chasing him. This was Siren Head.

Siren Head wailed out in anger, as he then took a tree to smash him in with. Then, the man disappeared. Siren Head was confused, until he heard the man screaming.

It saw a 15 ft monster eating the man's flesh. It was skinny, had a deer skull for a head, and had long arms. The Wendigo had taken its prey. As it looked up, it saw Siren Head, who was mad.

The Wendigo roared out at Siren Head, as the sirens then blared random words. It was about to go down.

Speed is equalized, fight takes place in a forest, and Wendigo is 9-B

Battle music https://youtu.be/RgrIUYDWJZQ