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Seems like a very fitting battle considering their history with one another.

MK/Injustice style Intro:

Shao Kah: (Pulls Warhammer out of ground) Ha! Even Raiden would be a better challenge than you.

Darkseid: (Eyes light up red from Omega Effect) That servant of the toothless serpents is no match for Darkseid.

Shao Kah: (Points menacingly) But I am more than a match for you.

-Shao Kahn is in his Unrestricted form

-Speed is =

-Battle takes place in the Kolisseum

Shao Kah: (1 votes, Chemist)

Darkseid: (0 votes)

Dark Kah reforms: (0 votes)

Shao kahn vs darkseid by ethernalmangekyou d2tsok7-fullview
ChemistKyle89 said:
I'm pretty sure Shao Kahn wins - Existence Erasure, Soul Manipulation, Life Manipulation.
Soul Manipulation/Existence Erasure isn't Kahn's go-to thing though. It robs him a potentially good fight due to his pride