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Saitama Vs Mosquito

Saitama did said mosquitoes might be a possible weakness and I wonder if he is able to kill all mosquitoes or even the prehistoric ones that are bigger than the modern ones I think.
JOKE: Saitama wins via being a Parody character there for can surpass anything (This joke is based off real arguments i've had)


Saitama probably does win as the last time he fought the mosquito he was being hampered by a Gag

Though the mosquito will probably take saitama down with him via malaria SO

Too easy even if Saitama cant kill it he can simply blow it away...his punch creates massive air pressure...

If you remember this episode...
The mosquito is but a minor servant to the almighty cat god that clawed Saitama! That cat is beyond infinite stamina and has suggversal level broken stats and PIS-level durability. Cat vs. Saitama: CAT WINS. XD
In all seriousness, a real life mosquito probably couldn't break Saitama's skin. And Saitama's punches would probably kill the mosquito even when they miss via air pressure increase or shockwaves.
Actually, the shockwaves caused by Saitama's slaps and grabs themselves didn't cause any damage to the mosquito. Sure, it's not a direct punch, but Saitama was also able to absolutely destroy Mosquito Girl with a slap that was far less serious. A direct slap onto a surface would have been much more devestating, but the mosquito lives.