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Regarding the CH player's tier again (and some abilities)

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VS Battles
In this thread, I suggested I was going to downgrade the player down to a lower tier but I never got to it but school and stuff (and laziness, mostly laziness. Probably about time for me to get to it:

For the tiering, there really isn't much to mention aside from posting this blog that gauges the bluesteel throwing feat to 9-A and guesses a tier on the earthquake horn.

As for some of the abilities on the profile: they're a bit outdated but not exactly nerfed by any means. Infact, plenty of gear have been buffed due to TakeHonorable (current gear maker for Roblox) tweaking plenty of them. He has a bunch of footage of the gears in action on his Twitter account that'll allow for me to get a few clips and justifications for new abilities and stuff. I'll do some more digging around later in his place wherein he tests the gear, but the videos on his twitter show plenty of gear abilities.

Vampire Vanquisher:

Basically a weapon that kills vampires.


Sound Manipulation: Via "sound wave" ability; the player creates a sound wave that extends a distance which can interact in one of two ways:

Kill: Causes the target to burst into a puff of grey smoke if they are named "bat", "vampire" or "undying" and/or has a gear with those name parameters. Takeo adds on in a reply that if you are not a "potential vampiric being" then the soundwave just stuns you (more described below). Likewise, the ability just kills things that are vampires or have any affinity to vampires - which means if they have a cloak that turns them into a bat or have any vampiric qualities that are from an item or are innate, they're gonna get affected.

Stun: The target holds their head close to where their ears would be for three seconds and can't move. Only affects non-vampiric entities.

Summoning: The kill effect summons a coffin that disappears when an enemy is kicked into it. That's about it.

More stuff coming as stated above. I just thought I'd get the tier stuff outta the way first.

Bat Knight's Bat Sword

Turns you into the complete contrast of a miserable pile of secrets. You can do stuff with bats. Bat sword.


Summoning and Animal Manipulation: The sword can create bats and they seem to follow the user around. Additionally, these bats can carry opponents away when they get to a low amount of health and the user hits them (doesn't KO the opponent).

Possible BFR: The bats carry the opponent way and both them and the opponent disappear from the map. The disappearing thing is a game mechanic, but it implies that they're carried far enough away to the point where they're not a threat to the user anymore.

Shapeshifting: The user can turn into a bat - surrounding themselves with a quantity of smaller bats - for five seconds before turning back to normal. I recall this damaging other players, but Takeo didn't test that in the video. I'll come back to this once I do some testing and stuff.

Winter's Greatsword

Another ice sword.


Ice Manipulation: This is all it really has. The reason I mention this is because it can summon huge ice stalagmites on opponents within range that freeze them whilst doing some damage. So yeah, AoE freeze. Also, it freezes opponents in a block of ice when they hit 30% health and automatically fragments (with them inside it, also fragmenting) after a few seconds.

Death's trident

Skull cane: now turns you into the full skeleton instead of ashes edition :tm:


Uhh, I don't know what this would be. Killing opponents with the melee doesn't have any special effects, but chucking the trident causes opponents to instantly turn into a skeleton. Some weird hax, but it might be strong nonetheless.

Staff of Neverending Frost

Other wacky ice weapon.


Ice Manipulation: Same deal as ice sword, only difference is that it's arguably less powerful than it was before. Despite this, its special ability now creates a cold mist that freezes opponents and later causes them to shatter within the block of ice (similarly to what happens when you damage opponents with the winter's greatsword weapon at 30% hp).

Crimson Periastro

Hyperlaser: sword edition:tm:


Energy Projection?: It summons lasers from the ground that do not affect the user and do many orbits while oscillating away and to the origin point of the attack. Also they disintegrate other players, so yeah.

Amethyst Periastro

Meteor sword meteor sword


Summoning: Able to summon meteors to attack passively. The player is also able to summon a giant meteor that increases the rate at which they rain at and the wiki page states that it is known to "disable flight gears" (something I have yet to test).

Telamonster, the Chaos Edge

AKA "If you fly then prepare to die".


Fire Manipulation: The sword passively lights nearby opponents on fire, damaging them over time. Additionally, the sword is able to create a trail of flames that damages opponents that walk on it when the user dashes. Adding on top of this, the user is able to create huge, fiery explosions that knock down opponents in addition to heavily damaging them and encasing them in red vines that immobilize them for some time while burning them.

Plant Manipulation: Via Q and E. The user can encase opponents in vines with the fiery explosion attack (described above) and E (the flight nulling ability).

Energy Projection: Via E. The user is able to summon huge, glowing images of the Telamonster that move towards valid opponents (any flying opponents) very quickly and deletes their currently held flight gear/ability and encases them in vines.

Power Nullification and limited Existence Erasure: Via E. The user is able to delete flight gear and prevent opponents from using abilities that allow them to fly (e.g, drinking a kami potio to be able to fly without the use of wings and firing lasers from their eyes). This also clears any powerups that grant other abilities (such as the aforementioned kami potion effect).

Limited Time Manipulation: Via Q and E. The user can cause it to shift to dawn with both abilities.

Likewise, I have yet to get footage of the powernull stuff but it's generally similar to how it was beforehand, just a few updated visuals and the like.

Ivory Periastro

Colors weave into a spiral of flame.


Also this video I took ingame shows another periastron interacting with it.

Summoning: The user is able to create a huge supernova that spews projectiles as one of the main abilities for the weapon in addition to being able to create warp points that are white, transparent afterimages of the player.

Homing Attack: As shown in the video below the first link, the attacks try to home into players while ignoring terrain.

Status Effect Inducement: Shown by the end of the video where I get hit by two of the projectiles right as they're about to expire (hence why they only get to deal half health to me) and I get inflicted with a blinding effect wherein my screen turns white.

Danmaku: Through sheer quantity of projectiles and the explosion it produces at the end (it can instantly kill players within radius of it

Teleportation: The user is able to make warp points that they can teleport to.

More gear coming soon.
Bump. Input on the 9-A stuff would be nice and any further suggestions on what should be changed (speed, for instance) would be appreciated.
Yeah, the calc is correct as far he is sure. I am confident on the math regarding the calc'd 9-A feat and the Earthquake stuff is pretty sound, I was just curious if anyone had any qualms with the logic otherwise (A calc can be correct mathematically and logically under the correct context is the context matches up)

In short, just looking for input if anyone has other stuff to say about the calcs. I do think the logic for the Earthquake stuff is pretty sound and the calc for the hammer thingymajig is pretty much correct.

Aside from that, I have more stuff to put into the OP regarding gear revisions anyhow, so I'll get to that at some point.
If you ask me, I don't have anything against it. It looks fine and legit.

If other peeps don't have any problems with the calc, I think we can move on to the Gears part.
This is probably fine, but you should ask some other staff members to comment here.
AP seems fine, though like DMUA said the earthquake could get better results.

Most abilities seem fine. Summoning is generally only for summoning beings rather than stuff like coffins, supernovae, etc. Deaths trident seems to be transmutation. The bat sword would grant limited shapeshifting. I doubt it would include animal manipulation, since its very common for summons to be subservient to their summoner by default. Telamonster "changing the time to dawn" may be a visual effect, especially since it only happens for a few seconds.
Yeah, Telamonster's skybox thingymajig is purely visual. It's not usable in combat at all.

I wasn't sure on the animal manipulation part for bat sword. Thank you for the input.
Anyway, thank you for helping out Gyro.
So should we apply what has been accepted by Gyro?
I believe we can, currently I'm going to look into more information like other various weapons that were changed (Namely the rainbow periastron, which has a huge array of abilities; the joyful periastron, which now traps enemies into shrinking heads on hit as opposed to having to be activated; the grimgold periastron that has the ability to use a sonar attack that inflicts a slowing debuff on enemies and reveals their position and a few other weapons).
Alright, I got some videos on some of the gear in action. Three of the videos were recorded in the gear testing place of the developer that creates the gears. Anywho, I'm going to try to get the important stuff down:

Bat Knight's Bat Sword and Vampire Vanquisher

Footage of a player getting "vanquished" by the Coffin Clash effect. Also, the description of the gear testing place states that the vampire vanquisher does this:

"Creates a sound wave that stuns humans but erases Vampires, bats & the undead!"

That's probably the reason why players named "bat and undying" in addition to vampiric names or players wielding gears named undying and bat get vanquished. The sword literally just thanos snaps bats and undead entities or anyone with an affinity with them in addition to bats.

So, Vampire Vanquisher's kill effect is probably Existence Erasure according to Takeo's description of it erasing them. It erases undead stuff, so that's nice.

Bat Knight's Bat Sword actually has a way around this. According to the twitter post talking about the weapo, one of Takeo's replies states that the bat transformation grants invincibility for the duration of it. While the invincibility covers damage from your normal weapons, it can also completely bypass the Coffin Clash's existence erasure against vampiric or undead beings (or for this matter, beings that are wielding weapons of a vampiriac, bat-like and/or undead nature). This might be a resistance to Existence Erasure via bat form, but that could probably be a stretch.

Joyful Periastro

Now passively turns opponents into immobile eggs on hit (or dealing enough damage; their health bars are visibly going down until a certain point then sealing them). I'm also pretty sure that the eggs are supposed to shrink down in size over time and eventually disappear, but they don't seem to be doing so (even against players). Either way, the opponent effectively can't do anything and is forced to die (which is hard to pull off considering the huge health boost that the eggs give them, but gear such as Dracovin spellbook - which has the ability to "diminish" an opponents health, thus leaving them with enough to get oneshot by super weak attacks such as a paper sword - among other durability negating gear or sufficiently powerful attacks can easily manage it).

Grimgold Periastro

Nothing really much else but some footage of it being used on a player that went invisible via Noir Periastron Psi. There's also a bit of footage of the special being used on a player that was moving super fast via speed buffs and it counteracting it, thus slowing them down to a crawl.

Amethyst Periastro

Can confirm that it can disable flight gears. While it doesn't have the insane hax kind Telamonster does where it deletes any flight abilities or items that allow flight, it can forcefully ground enemies in-flight for the duration of the gigantic meteor special. Might be Gravity Manipulation? I don't really know.

Dagger of Shattered Dimensions

Is now a JoJo reference and timestops opponents within a spherical radius as opposed to being within the ring on the same y-level as the user. That's about it.

Rainbow Periastro

About time I get to it. It gains abilities based on what Periastrons you have in your inventory and has one special ability that always works the same, exact fashion regardless of whether or not you have any periastrons in your inventory. Video here:

Star Fragments - If the ivory periastron is in the inventory, the rainbow periastron will constantly spew out star fragments that are affected by gravity. If an opponent is within a range of a few meters, they will instead home into them and damage them.

Orbital Lasers - If the crimson periastron is in the inventory, the rainbow periastron will passively summon lasers from above that damage opponents. These lasers are summoned in random positions close to the user.

Black hole - If the amethyst periastron is in the inventory, the rainbow periastron will be able to summon a black hole that deals no damage but allows opponents to be freely attacked while they are being sucked into it and effectively immobilized.

Miniature Forcefield - If the chartreuse periastron is in the inventory, the rainbow periastron will be able to create a miniature version of the Chartreuse periastron forcefield that works similarly. Despite this, it is smaller, lasts for a shorter timeframe and heals less effectively over time.

Rainbow Maelstrom - Summons a forward-pointing rainbow periastron that is surrounded by the other colored periastrons. Without any periastrons, the attack takes six secondsto charge. With every colored periastron, this is reduced down to four seconds. After charging, the periastron will fire a gigantic laser beam that instantly kills any opponent not bearing a forcefield by making them disappear. This beam persists for a period of time after the laser ends. As to reference how big it is:

(For reference, the tiny guy at the edge of the map in the bottom left is a player)

Stop Hitting Yourself (the body puppetry thingy)

Just a demonstration for how it works. Also shows how fast Chartreuse Periastron heals the player (outheals the damage that they deal to themselves by punching them constantly). Otherwise, the Stop Hitting Yourself gear can mindhax you from really far and allow people to effectively camp in spawnboxes or teleport away if needed whilst constantly damaging an opponent.

Telamonster: The Chaos Edge

Video of its e ability nulling an R-orb user of both their flight and Chi Manipulation/ability to fire orbs of energy. The R-orb gear is a powerup that the player uses by clicking with the orb to grant themselves both the flight and the ability to summon blue spheres as an attack. Both of these abilities are independent of having the R-orb in possession, as it flies away and disappears after use. The Telamonster can affect this ability due to its flight and therefore removes both the flight and the ability to summon power orbs as a result of the flight. So yeah, that's probably Power Nullification to some degree.

Rubyhorde the Rapacious' treasure

I used a consumable item that transforms the player into a superhero, allowing me to fly and fire red spheres as an attack. I run into this dude who then whips out a Rubyhorde and uses it on me, taking away a huge chunk of my gear including the ability to fly and launch fireballs. Possibly [Power Nullification] but it's probably not, considering Rubyhorde focuses on stealing gear. I can recall it not working with R-orb either so yeah.

Going to want an evaluation on some of the stuff like the existence erasure shtick and Telamonster's/Rubyhorde's Power Nulling.

So basically, I think wacky lego man (CH player) should get these changes for AP and stuff (outside of abilities):

Attack Potency: At least Small Building level (Can launch large, bluesteel statues with this much energy and a miniature earthquake this powerful as an attack. Has been shown to easily kill other players in spite of enduring both of these attacks with relative ease), likely higher (Has access to weapons that can outright vaporize enemies on their level of power), many different weapons can ignore conventional durability

Durability: At least Small Building level (Can endure hits from a weapon capable of launching bluesteel statues with no damage whatsoever and only takes moderate damage from a point blank earthquake stronger than the former attack), higher with various gear (Can increase their health with various items, reduce damage taken while holding various shields and even become completely immune to attacks capable of vaporizing others via the forcefield. Able to easily reflect a huge array of homing projectiles powerful enough to quickly maim players with certain gear)
It should be the same as before, but with different AP value, shouldn't it? We're using the same feat, but with different calced Value.
Basically yeah, good point. It's the same thing but with an earthquake calc and maybe the mention of Chartreuse Periastron's op attack reflection.
Zany's suggestions are probably fine, but it is best to ask Gyro to comment here again in order to make certain.
Existence Erasure looks fine, is that stuff in italics the in-game description of the item? Because otherwise it might just not erase bats. The bat transformation seems to give Invulnerability, and the EE could be included in this (of course make sure to describe the invulnerability to avoid NLF).

If the orbs are due to the flight, then it's safe to say that Telamonster simply nulls flight, since that would also null any abilities due to flight.

I'm not sure what Rubyhorde would be. They're not really being nulled, the items are being taken away. Without more context on how it works, you'd probably just have to describe it as it is on the profile.

Stop Hitting Yourself would be mind manipulation (just clarifying since there's a Body Puppetry page) and Joyful Periastron is passive transmutation but in a small range. Everything else seems fine.
The stuff in italics is the description that TakeoHonorable, the person who programmed the gear, gave on the Gear Testing place's descriptio. This coincides with the list of valid key terms that the EE uses when deciding to erase an opponent (bat, undying [undead] and vampire). The bat transformation is stated to grant invulnerability (of course it isn't "complete invulnerability to everything"; at best it just makes the player durable enough to survive powerful hits without damage and maybe a few kill effects like the EE).

Yeah, the Telamonster weapon just nulls flight to be certain. I didn't really know if it nulling the ability for R-Orb's power bestowal would allow it to effectively nullify related abilities or not. But yeah, the R-Orb's energy orb attack is the same gear as the flight ability.

Rubyhorde just levitates every item the enemy is using towards the user. The superhero transformation granted by the potion relies on the player "holding" the already consumed potion in the hotbar, so that's probably why it disabled the abilities granted by it.

Thank you for the input.
What Gyro accepted can probably be applied.
I think so. I might wait for him to reply on whether or I should (unless he already gave me the thumbs up indirectly).
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