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Raccoon vs The Fox (Aesop's Fables)


VS Battles
Calculation Group
So yeah, we're pitting pretty much the 11th most intelligent animal in the world, the Raccoon, against the fox from Aesop's Fables. This will be full SBA because, well, I don't think the Fox from the fables is any different from a red fox, so heck. Here are their profiles.:

Raccoon's Profile

The Fox's Profile

Who takes this?

Trash Panda
Trash Panda: 0
Fox: 0

Inconclusive: 1 (Armorchompy)
While the fox is a lot smarter, it likely isn't too good of a fighter- that's its whole archetype after all, it's cowardly. Anyway, the Raccoon's profile links to a Raccoon overpowering a fox, but that seems to be a smaller species.

A raccoon is 3,5 ― 9 kg, a red fox (the kind Aesop would likely know best, and the one the fox is usually potrayed as) is 2,2 ― 14 kg. Let's say the weight is about equal.

Their teeth are pretty similar- they are animals that have a similar niche, after all, which leads me to assume their biting strength is about similar- not that it matters, as their teeth are the piercing kind, and you don't need too much strength to do damage with those.