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Overpowered SSJ4 Gogeta vs. DBS verse.

Yeah, let's see how this goes:

-Post 100 year time skip SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta fuse with the dance technique.

-Since their stats are Unknow, let's assume Base Goku (and by extension Vegeta) at EoGT are equal in power to the SSJ4 Gogeta we all saw in the SD arc. Give them SSJ4 and then Fusion.

-Keep in mind, this Gogeta at Base would be already above SSJ4 Goku whose Base is as strong as SD arc SSJ4 Gogeta.

-No Fusion Time-Limit.

-If any of you says that any Low 2-C ToP Character stomps him, let's assume that merely surpassing Vegito Blue or SSJ Kefla puts him at Low 2-C' and can scale higher depending on the gap so no infinite difference BS.

Scenario 2: Give him a x20 Kaioken.

Who's the strongest guy he can defeat? oh my god I've created a monster
equal in power to the SSJ4 Gogeta we all saw in the SD arc.

It doesn't seem like it's well-explained why Syn Shenron is 3-A, so I'll just assume he is baseline.

Omega Shenron is said to be 10x Syn Shenron, so he's 10x Baseline.

SS4 Gogeta stomps Omega Shenron, but a gap of 2x is more than enough for a giga-god-curb-lmfao-stomp in Dragon Ball, so I'll assume SS4 Gogeta is about 20x Baseline.

Therefore: Base Goku and Vegeta = 20x Baseline DB 3-A.

Give them SSJ4

SS4 is pretty hard to pin down, but I will high-ball it by claiming SS4 is 10 x Super Saiyan 3.

Using guidebook multipliers, SS3 is 400x. So SS4 should be 4,000x Base.

4000 x 20 = 80000x 3-A.

and then Fusion.

Base Gogeta would be 80,000x 3-A.

4000 x 80000 = 320,000,000x 3-A.

  • Base = 80,000x
  • SS = 4,000,000x
  • SS2 = 8,000,000x
  • SS3 = 32,000,000x
  • SS4 = 320,000,000x
let's assume that merely surpassing Vegito Blue or SSJ Kefla

Okay, time to scale the DBS cast.

As argued by AKM, Base Goku's power should be 2x baseline, and he grew much stronger after training with Whis for a year. Let's say that simply increased his power by another 2x, putting RoF Base Goku at 4x.

Since SSG > SS3 and we are treating SS3 as 400x, I will low-ball SSB by claiming it is 50 x SS3.

50 x 400 = 20,000x

This means RoF SSB Goku is about 80,000x Baseline, strong enough to match Base Gogeta.

Goku then trained with Vegeta for three years in the Time Chamber, for the sake of simplicity I will assume he grew, say, 2x stronger.

U6 SSB Goku = 160,000x, 1,600,000x in X10 Blue. Pretty good, but not quite SS Gogeta-level.

In the Black arc, we see Base Black go toe-to-toe with SS2 Goku, and Trunks claims Black was holding back greatly and Black could mess around with SSB Vegeta in Base.

Assume this is Base God, meaning Rose Black would be 50x that.

Vegeta Blue later stomped Rose Black, who is 50x Base Black via this logic. Therefore, Vegeta grew over 50x stronger in the Black arc.

ToP Goku equals Vegeta Blue. So, 50 x 160,000 = 8,000,000x

ToP SSB Goku is as strong as SS2 Gogeta. He can power up to 20x that, increasing his limit to 160,000,000x.

Post-UIS SSB Goku is stated to be a threat to Kefla, at peak stamina, by Vados and Kefla is comparable to the Spirit Bomb, which should surpass Pre-UIS SSB Goku. Meaning Post-UIS SSB Goku, at peak stamina, is about 160,000,000x.


SS4 Gogeta is 320,000,000x Dragon World universal (which is 110x baseline)

Post-UIS SSB Goku is 160,000,000x Dragon World universal, with SSG's multiplier being heavily low-balled to being equal to SS3.

Overall, SS4 Gogeta and Post-UIS SSB Goku are roughly comparable, Goku can easily beat Gogeta via Kaio-Ken Blue. Post-UIS2 Goku would definitely beat SS4 Gogeta.

Scenario 2

X20 SS4 Gogeta would be 20 x 320,000,000, which is 6,400,000,000x.

Post-UIS SSB Goku should be 160,000,000x+

Post-UIS2 SSB Goku is considerably stronger than that.

Overall, it only changes to Post-UIS2 X20 SSB Goku versus X20 SS4 Gogeta.

I would wager SS Kefla should be considered about baseline Low 2-C? So Gogeta would be about 2-3x Low 2-C in SS4, 40-60x Low 2-C in X20 SS4.

Overall Answer

SS4 Gogeta is stronger than Post-UIS SSB Goku (Low-balling SSG multiplier)

X20 SS4 Gogeta and X20 Post-UIS2 SSB Goku would be equal.

SS4 Gogeta's strongest opponent, that he can potentially defeat, is SS Kefla and Post-UIS1 SSB Goku.
Wow, I created a beast, if he's genuinely comparable to SSBKKx20 Goku then he can survive a hand to hand encounter with SSJ2 Kefla or GoD Toppo, I like it lol.
It really isn't far fetched considering the fact that SSJ4 Gogeta is already 3-A, couple that with a 100 years of god knows how many types of training and you get yourself a Beast.
Give DBS Goku 100 years and he'll be 2-A

Anyways that's true, in fact I was planning to give SSJ5 to Gogeta in Scenario 2 instead of x20 Kaioken but SSJ5 is AF only and giving it a multiplier is merely assumption lol.