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Õ╗║Õø¢Þ¿ÿÕ┐ÁµùÑ ÒüèÒéüÒüºÒü¿ÒüåÕ¥íÕ║ºÒüäÒü¥ÒüÖ´╝ü´¢ó Happy National Foundation Day! ´¢ú


VS Battles

I wish all the Japanese and pro-Japanese Happy 2/11!

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Kimi Ga Yo - Japan National Anthem Japanese & English lyrics
"Kimi Ga Yo" - Japan National Anthem Japanese & English lyrics

My apologies for not noticing this thread earlier. Very late congratulations.
Only during the conversion process.

I think that it should be fine to write Japanese characters now.