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Could we make a profile for Hexeblaumon? As i think he has one of the best design in the entire series. I haven't really tried to scale him yet so would need help with that
Hexeblaumon b
Scaling Hexeblaumon's line might be tough, considering it has no feats, it would probably scale to non-cyber sleuth mega's and such
"Legendary Magic Knight Digimon that only those who master the magic of ice (high-level programming language) can evolve. It has been rumored that once the Ice Age came to the digital world, it defended other Digimon and then moved to another dimension, "Witchellny." He excels at manipulating the cold, and creates a variety of things with ice. Starting with weapons such as swords and hammer, as well as tools such as shackles to restrain the movement of the enemy, it is also an ice professional who can set up barriers to protect yourself from attacks. Its Special Moves are "Summon Frost," which instantly transforms anyone approaching the ice into an ice statue, and "Hect Edge Blizzard," which drops countless ice swords like a snowstorm. Then, the absolute mystery "Absolute Blast" that radiates waves of absolute zero degree from the dragon's jaw on the left shoulder and crushes everything."

This is his translated description from the reference book, any certain abilities we can get from this?