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Minor Upgrade for Daphne, Velma and Fred

So, as shown here and here as well, Daphne and Velma have weapons that shoot lasers (At least it looks like it), and while I have no idea of the speed and all that stuff, I think that should upgrade them to Wall Level+ (I would argue for 9-A but I won't open that can of worms)

And that should obviously (At least for me) to upgrade their range since they are using guns and all
We probably need some kind of proof for how powerful those lasers are first. Also, we should only use the + sign when there is a calculation that places characters above the halfway mark in a certain tier.
Well, the lasers are strong enough to kill the zombies, who apart of tearing doors and people at half, they are able to survive fights against each other, but uh, I have no calculation about it
yeah, but they pretty much, vaporize (Or whatever word is used with laser guns) and it even shows that the zombies are shown with vapor out of their bodies.

(Not to mention that one half of the body of the zombie was destroyed, and the other had the head eviscerated) but eh, they are already 9-B physically.
Well, vaporising others is rated considerably higher, especially if they are superhumanly tough to start with.
But since the zombies are mutant humans (Due to nanites and all that), should we use it?

Either way, this would upgrade them to 9-A and not 9-B plus, but I didnt want to push it since we dont see the entire body being vaporized, only the upper half of one of them
I think that 9-A is okay, but preferably link to the calculation in the profiles.