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Minor Noodle Revision


Basically Noodle from the Gorillaz. She should either have Gifted or Genius intelligence for being taught to be a lethal killing machine at a young age, and, as the Gorillaz Wiki states, she knows every foreign language including English and Japanese. Sounds like that deserves at least Gifted. What do y'all think.

Also I was thinking she could get stealth mastery since she assassinated a demon lord drug lord person but I dunno.
Being a lethal killing machine at a young age is too vague for me.

If she know every foreign language, it sounds like she should be genius and at least gifted; before, I agree, can you link evidence of this statement such as a scan/link?
I personally can't find where it's stated. I think it might be in the novel they have that I can't buy. I know the wiki lists it however
With the scan evidences, the update looks uncontroversial to add, to me. I don't mind waiting for more inputs to be honest, though.