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Minor change to Black Panthers profile

I think this would look better on his profile

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Especially smell, can detect and memorize up to 10,000 different scents and detect scents from miles away. Can detect if someone is lying by smell. Can see in complete darkness and has a kinesthetic sense), Martial Arts Mastery, Genius Intelligence, Summoning (Can call on the spirits of his dead ancestors and command the undead), Teleportation (Via suit), Invisibility (Via suit), Forcefield Creation (Via suit), Attack Reflection (Via suit), Can force opponents to sleep with sleeping gas (Via suit), Durability Negation (Via daggers), Energy Manipulation (Via daggers), Can scramble the brain of an opponent (Via daggers), Flight (Via jetpack), Durability Negation and limited Soul Manipulation by creating a spirit spear, Pressure Points (As shown here), Vehicular Mastery (Drove a space shuttle), Chi Manipulation (As seen here), Sealing and Magic (As shown here), Absorption (Absorbed a blast), Non-Physical Interaction (As shown here), Electricity Manipulation (As seen here), Illusion Creation with Holograms, Technology Manipulation (As shown here), Stealth Mastery, Resistance to: Magical based attacks and Diseases (via improved immunity), Mind Manipulation (Emma Frost hurt herself while trying to read his mind), Poison Manipulation (Tanked a neurotoxi), Sound Manipulation, (Resists sonic waves), Cold Temperature (As shown here), Electricity Manipulation (Tanked a lighting bolt with no damage), and Magnetism Manipulation (Magento couldn't manipulate the iron in his body)

Same as before plus Matter Manipulation and Forcefield Creation (As seen here)

Same as before plus Magnetism Manipulation (As shown here) and Resistance to Emotion Manipulation (As shown here) via Man Without Fear Gear, Teleportation (As shown here) and Time Manipulation (As shown here) with King Solomon's Frogs, Hacking via the Kimoyo Card, and Light Manipulation (As shown here)

The only other thing is the Kimoyo Card should be Optional Equipment and that's it
If you use a text format only on the new stuff (like having it underlined or in other color) I will be able to evaluate this more easily.
Ah, yes. I made a CRT years ago that was a f*cking mess discovering that tabbers only work on profiles and blogs.
Eficiente said:
If you use a text format only on the new stuff (like having it underlined or in other color) I will be able to evaluate this more easily.