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Might Guy runs the H2H Gountlet.


--HAX IS RESTRICTED, this is only a hand to hand fight.

---The Characters I'm going to list are from my verses.

---Might Guy can use the 1st Gate Up to 8th Gate.

---He can use the 8th Gate as well as the previous Gates, but it still consumes his Chakra.

----Might Guy starts in base, but he can open a specific Gate depending on how strong his opponent is.

---which Gate would he need to defeat his opponent?

Who can Guy defeat and who he can't?.

Round 1: Reinhard Van Astrea.

Round 2: Gilthunder.

Round 3: Gildarts.

Round 4: Pennywise (Canon) (High 7-A Key).

Round 5: Estarossa.

Round 6: Rimuru Tempest (LN) (High 7-A to 6-C Key).

Round 7: End of 1st Dragon Ball Goku (Low 6-B).

Round 8: Escanor (The One ultimate).

Round 9: Natsu Dragneel (End of Alvarez arc), (Speed is equalized here).
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Rimuru ragdolls.

3 types of Analytical Prediction, Regen that Guy can’t put down, resisting or outright nullifying physical attacks, and far more skill.
No hax, nullification of physical damage is pretty hax.
Besides that the Analytical prediction should help.
1 - idk
2 - depends on the gilthunder here. albeit, i would argue that the max guy would need is the 7th gate.
3 - gildarts punches incredibly hard, but not harder than 7th gate guy. gildarts is much tougher tho, so there's that.
4 - idk
5 - estarossa should be (logically speaking) much much stronger than 7th gate guy, so he would HAVE to use the 8th gate. idk if speed is equalized, but guy is faster regardless. he is more skilled (pure h2h fighter after all). 8th gate guy wins tho.
6 - idk
7 - guy, while more powerful, is not nearly as tough, either can kill the other. ill say even for now. guy IS the smarter fighter tho.
8 - idk how strong escanor is, but he is impossibly tough, not to mention, he scales much higher than he is rated, iirc, so i wont say anything.
9 - prolly guy.
Rimuru Analyticals

Everyone else loses
I mean, even if Hax is restricted, you forgot Pennywise's regen and Inmortality, those should be a factor here, which would lead to incon, unless we restricted them.
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Oh, than he doesn't get passed Rein due to Ressurection
Reinhard's resurrection takes time, so it would count as a win for Might Guy regardless.
The main problem would be Pennywise, what do you think?.
Does Inmortality and regen count as Hax?, becouse you seemed to forgot Pennywise's...
I mean, Guy heriously outskills the clown in hand to hand combat.
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Hmm, I'm not even sure he can get passed Natsu tbh, given Natsu oneshot Acno, who even without his insane magic resistance, massively upscales from 33.6 Petatons.