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While Jolyne is far smarter than the shitty Iron Man clone, none of her abilities that she can use without Stone Free other than Peak Human are really useful against Metal Man, and speed is equalized, so she's gonna have a real hard time dealing with Metal Man's Forcefield Creation, Illusion Creation, Invisibility (I don't think her Extrasensory Perception would allow her to see things made invisible by technology rather than supernatural means), Flight, and Electricity Manipulation. Metal Man's durability is also higher than his attack power even disregarding forcefields and his likely Wall level stats, since he's entirely unaffected by street level melee attacks from weapons like bats and was entirely unarmed by a pistol bullet that seemingly made it through his shield, so...

I'm not entirely familiar with Jolyne but I don't see how she can reasonably win here without Araki's crazy asspulls creative solutions.