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Massively FTL Danny Phantom Characters!?

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Awakened after 1000 years
VS Battles
MFTL Danny Phantom God Tiers!?

It's time for more Danny Phantom upgrades, why?. "BECAUSE I AM HERE!!", with another feat. Serously though, I've been sitting on this feat for some time and by some time, I mean since around the time I joined and was just starting. Around that time, I wasn't sure if this was a good feat or if it was an outlier but I am sure it's valid.

Feat & Timeframe
In the episode "Reign Storm" Vlad releases Pariah Dark from his coffin and later in the episode, countless ghosts flee from the Ghost Zone to the Human World. Later, Danny has a chat with some ghosts and it is stated by Ember that Pariah has only been free for a day and he's already destroyed all their homes.

Reign Storm 24:50 Ember "He's only been free for a day and he's already destroyed all our homes". Danny replies "And that's without the ring".

Now, we know he didn't just outright blow up everyones homes or realms becaues "destroyed" doesn't mean total destruction and it if that was the case, the ghosts wouldn't have escaped or even known it was Pariah because all they would have saw was a blast, then boom. Pariah also wants to rule over everything, not destroy it completely so it's not a simple fly by, quickly shoot and destroy something. It's a show up and mess some shit up then move on.

Now that the feat and timeframe are established, it's time to find the distance he traveled. Note that their are infinite realms in the Ghost Zone but not all of them are home to ghosts, some have their own function. However, majority we have seen are inhabited by ghosts and these range from the size of rooms to filled with stars. Then you half to count the countless ghost homes that aren't in any realm and range from the size of Islands to planets.

The Ultimate Enemy 28:24 to 28:56 Jazz throws the Boomerang into the Ghost Zone to find Danny 10 years in the future. If you look in the background you can see planets throughtout the sceen and even after 10 years of it traveling you still see planets and while Danny's fighting the ghosts, if you look carefully you can see more planets in the background.

Beauty Marked 18:09 In this realm that Dorathea lives in, you can see the sun (part of it) in the top right corner.

King Tuck 9:50 King Dullahans realm is big enough to hold a moon (top right corner)

The realm that Poindexter lives in contains multiple stars

So Pariah Dark, within a day, without the power from the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire was able to travel across the Ghost Zone, passing an uncountable amount of islands and planets, entering multiple realms that range from the size of rooms to being big enough to house moons and stars. This doesn't include the fact that Pariah can't sense other ghosts as proven in the episode "Reign Storm" where he couldn't tell the Vlad he chased was a duplicate until he saw it didn't have the ring. So it's not like he had pinpoint accuracy of were every ghost lived.

That means he just moved fast enough and crossed vast distances until he found them. New ghosts would have been appearing after his first defeat given Skulker said he's older than most ghosts so while he could have memorized their locations back when he was free, he wouldn't know the location of any new ghosts that showed up.

This shouldn't be considered an outlier given Pariah is the strongest ghost in the series which already has FTL characters who are weaker than him. Ghosts laugh at the idea of taking him on and countless of them fleed in terror to seperate dimension this can be a combination of AP as well but why would he be vastly stronger but only minorly faster?. Again, I don't see any reason why this would be an outlier.

While the full distance he covered would be impossible to tell do to other facters such as the size of several ghost homes that we didn't see. We know for sure he crossed many planets and realms that contained moons and stars, stopping by and causing destruction for each home, all within a day without being at full power. This feat would surely be MFTL or at least FTL as crossing interstellar distances in a day would result in such as far as I know.

Speed Ratings
Note: These are what ratings will be if MFTL is right and accepted.

Pariah Dark
Massively FTL (Much faster than any other ghost in the series, crossed interplanetary and Interstellar distances in a single day without being at full power)

Ancient Ghosts
Massively FTL (Fought Pariah Dark while he was wearing the Crown of Fire and Ring of Rage)

Danny Phantom (Ecto Skeleton)
Massively FTL (Much faster than his normal ghost form, kept up somewhat with Pariah Dark who was wearing both the Crown of Fire and Ring of Rage)

Jazz Fenton (Ecto Skeleton)
Massively FTL (Faster than her normal self and should be comparable to Danny Phantom when he wore the Ecto Skeleton)

Note: I can't remember why I removed Jazz's Ecto Skeleton key but I don't see reason why she shouldn't have it. Also, her battle against normal Danny Phantom shouldn't be used as a counter argument because she wasn't going all out in anyway, they were acting like they were serious.

Dan Phantom
At least FTL, likely Massively FTL (Much faster than normal Danny Phantom and should be comparable to other powerful top tier ghosts like Pariah Dark)

Note: The reason Dan will not scale directly to MFTL is because the distance between him and Pariah Dark is unclear. While Dan is unstoppable in the future and is a threat to everyone. It is unknown if Pariah was consider in this regard as well given he was still sealed inside his coffin. So Dan and those who scale to him will only get a likely MFTL.

Future Valerie
At least FTL, likely Massively FTL (At least as fast as her previous self and could react to Dan Phantom)

Future Fright Knight
At least FTL, likely Massively FTL (At least as fast as his past self and could keep up with Future Valerie)
Eficiente said:
Could this be just Attack Speed for Pariah Dark?
He has to reach the locations in order to destroy them. He can't just send out an attack and have it travel that distance on it's own. Plus, the ghosts know it was him which means they saw him so he had to be traveling to each location.
Ogbunabali said:
This looks good, but wouldn't this only scale to their movement speed though?
Danny was able to react to Pariah when he flew and charged him, and Pariah can tag Danny while he's moving. So they can react to each others speed as well.
Crossing interstellar distances in one day would require Massively FTL+ speeds, so this is likely a low-end.

I was sure it was Massively FTL but I wasn't sure if it qualified for the "+". I'm fine with just Massively FTL for a safe Low-End.
I messaged a few more staff to take a look at this so I'll wait to see what they think before doing the upgrades.
You can probably just apply the upgrade at this point, many staff members agreed already.
Alright, I'll go ahead and edit the profiles (Finished). An Admin or Discussion Mod can close this.
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