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Marluxia vs Dizzy

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I've wanted to do this fight for some time for some reason. And tbh I just want to use Dizzy in a battle.

-Win via Death.

-Both are Bloodlusted.

-Speed Equalized.




No idea to be honest, I think Dizzy has an edge with versatility but Marulxia is stronger. I think Dizzy has the overall edge but she wont win easily, thats for sure.
I'm not sure.

Marluxia's hax seems stronger (i.e. inflicting instant death after a certain number of hits), but Dizzy seems to be as good a fighter since she fought Sol.

I'm still leaning towards Marluxia due to being less naive and more willing to go right for the kill.
Well don't forget Necro and Undine who have a history of going for the kill to protect Dizzy without her consent.. Necro especially since he has been known to outright attack others despite Dizzy not wanting him to. The two systems she has are able to attack on their own so technically Marluxia will fight all 3 at once. Plus Dizzy is bloodlusted here and so she is more willing to let Necro go wild. And lets be honest, he's always bloodlusted and will go right for the kill. Plus they do have animated attacks like the ice fish bitty thing and a fire dragon head that can move on its own to shoot blasts of fire. Plus if Dizzy loses consciousness, Necro or Undine can take over to increase her capabilities.

But anyway


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