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No, he has to actually die first in order to turn into a Zombie and even then, his zombie form only lasts for like a minute and then he will turn back into a human and this time, he will die permanently

So besides that Chel has the advantage of LS, being able to negate damage with the chest, and doesn't have to swap out her weapons for her various attacks unlike Marco. Am I right?

Marco is definitely smarter though.
I mean, LS requires her to get close and Marco spams range so

And him having to "swap his weapons" doesn't matter when his normal weapons are already High 8-C

He is, he's likely more skilled too
They're going to get close really quick though, is what I was thinking. Her dash attack will close the distance quickly.
If she tries to dash then she's unironically in more danger because at that point, he can just throw a snowball once she's close to him and turn her into a snowman
Now that I think about it, her hitting him at all is really unlikely considering that Metal Slug feels like a bullet hell with how much stuff you need to dodge in game
So uh, this fight might become a stomp soon since Marco should get Matter Manipulation, possibly a AP upgrade, and I replayed Metal Slug 3 and his resurrection works to were if he dies in his human form, he becomes Zombie and once he turns back into a Human, he can come back alive unless his Zombie form dies