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BOTW Link's profile says he has Class 100 lifting strength. Except, he doesn't.

There's several objects in the game that definitively debunk this.

1.) Boulders. If you want to test this out in-game, there are some large boulders on the way to Zora's Domain. You can push them, but you can't pick them up. If Link were to have Class 100 LS, not only would he be able to pick them up as easily as a smaller rock or barrel, but he would exert almost no effort pushing them.

2.) Two-handed weapons. Again, if Link were to have Class 100 LS, using them would be effortless. However, we can clearly see Link exert himself using them, which isn't indicative of Class 100 LS.

3.) Trees. We can clearly see Link get outmatched when it comes to lifting strength by Hinoxes. They can uproot trees from the ground and throw them straight at Link. However, Link cannot uproot trees himself, which would only be a Class 5 to 10 feat, even for particularly large (let's say 36 inches in diameter) trees. Nor can he pick up logs that have fallen on the ground, while Hinoxes can.

Based on the heavier objects that he does pick up in-game (Pebblits, rocks, etcetera), I'd peg him at around the higher end of Athletic Human, since he can lift them with armor on. Keep in mind that he does exert some notable effort when it comes to lifting Pebblits.

I'd like to note that Link's lifting strength is much higher with Magnesis, but this only applies to metallic objects. In an ideal world, this would be calced, but for now I think a "far higher with Magnesis" would suffice.

Furthermore, I'd like to call into question as to why Link had Class 100 Lifting Strength in the first place, as the page says it scales to Wind Waker Link, whose lifting strength is entirely unsourced.

I know they're both Links and should hypothetically be comparable, but scaling gets thrown out the window when it's contradicted by the game itself.
Ari64-SP said:
I think that more counts as AP or SS, since you are strong enough to block that attack.
Thinking about that you're right, but Link has the same fatigue in his face when he lifts a jar and when he lifts a boulder, so I'm not that confident about determinate Botw Link's lifting strength. Game mechanics usually do things like that.