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Izuku Midoriya vs Alicia Melchiott

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VS Battles
8-C versions and speed equal. No Final Flame


Alicia: 2 (Dodo, Xanxus)

Alicia Seems more suited to any kind of fight (Distance and Repeach) Afterimage + gun does not help the thing for Izuku even if he tries to find a solution, the only thing he can do is either Blitz and 100% One for All or voluntarily hit and then block and attack
The afterimages are just a sort of aura behind her and the gun is tier 9. But she can shoot with the spear. Speed is equal tho.
Leaning toward Alicia. She should has advantage on mid and far range fighting by her lance and her enerygy shots. Even Izuku can figure out that and try to beat her on close combat. Alicia still has shield and regen, which make her withstanding some damages before push away him and spam range attacks.

Anyway, This is out of topic question, but how can you insert audio to this thread?
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Then add a < at the very beginning. The link is the soundcloud version of the song. Dunno if it works with other sites.

To add it to the thread, write it in the OP
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