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HUGE Bloom Upgrades

Hello everyone.

Yes, for those aware, I know I said before that I would no longer deal with the Winx verse on this site. But as of recently, I started getting back some mild interest in defending this verse, so I decided to take one more shot at voicing issues I (and a few others) had regarding the last revision thread. However, this will just be me explaining my issues for the most part and why Bloom could possibly be upgraded back again. Whatever decision thats agreed on is what i'll acccept.

WARNING: This will be a VERY long detailed thread however. And it will be making good use of the Winx Wikia (I know wikias being used as evidence isn't concrete, but the show has literally no other source to take from besides the show itself. Winx isnt like Digimon, Pokemon, DBS, etc.). Just a heads up for anyone wanting to read through this.

Now that thats said, lets begin.

What happened in the last revision thread
Link is in the title of this section, incase anyone needed to be notified. Anyway, if anyone can read through the thread, you should clearly see it went through a chaotic process. Many different points argued at once, stuff being ignored, etc. And with it being a near 200 long thread, I don't expect anyone to read through all of it. So i'll give everyone the basic rundown of what was decided and why. Basically, Bloom was downgraded from 2-B to 4-B/Low 2-C, and from Infinite/Immeasurable speed to MFTL+ because of these points:

  • Acheron never created the Legendarium World itself, only the Legendarium book to be a portal between the real and imaginary worlds, and as such Blooms power, the Dragon Flame, doesnt scale.
  • Bloom cannot be Infinite or Immeasurable in speed from scaling above the likes of Arcadia and the Etheral Fairies for not being timeless and not being in the same state of being as they are.
  • Bloom cannoy be Infinite or Immeasurable in speed from scaling toward the likes of the Great Dragon since she has never fully controlled her power, The Dragon Flame, and she lacks the same physical characteristics as the Great Dragon before creating the Magic Universe.
Thats pretty much what was decided sumed up. Here, i'll be giving in-depth explanations as to why these points aren't true, or aren't as true as some think. First we'll be dealing with the AP tiering.

Attack Potency
Now, before we begin going over the AP related material here, I'll need to actually explain just what the Legendarium and Legendarium World is for it is the main part of this section.

What is the Legendarium / Legendarium World?
Quote(s) from the Winx Wikia- "The keeper of the Legendarium can summon any number of wild creatures from the book just by reading it out loud. According to Eldora, the Legendarium is a dimension where fictional characters are real, which means, it is a magical link between the imaginary world and the real world. When the Legendarium World is accessed, the legends become real."

"The Legendarium is a book that has the power to bring legendary creatures to life and can make legends come true."

"The Legendarium World acts as a "bridge" between the real and the imaginary worlds; thus, it cannot be found anywhere within the Magic Dimension. However, the Legendarium World can still be accessed through the use of two methods:

-People can access it with the use of the Ancestral Wands.

-The keeper of the Legendarium can let anyone enter it.

Those who enter the Legendarium World cannot remain within it for too long, otherwise they will be trapped inside the imaginary world should they remain."

Quote(s) from the show-

(9:58) on- "This is the Legendarium."

"Go on."

"In its pages are all the myths and legends of the worlds, and I have the power to bring them to life, simply by reading them outloud."

(25:29) on- "By reading the book, Selina can summon any number of wild creatures from the Legendarium World, a dimension where fictional characters are real."

From what the quotes themselves read, so I wont need to repeat defintions. Now comes the next part of this...

What is the size of the Legendarium World?
Funny this is asked because its quite interesting to say the least.

First we have the realm where this is kept: The Doorway to the Worlds.

The Doorway to the Worlds
And as you can see, the realm with the Doorway in it alone is already a universe before even entering the main part of the Legendarium World. And is this Doorway structure a part of the Legendarium World? Yes. The link above specifies that it is for multiple reasons. So the Legendarium World technically already has one universe down. But as for the rest? This is where the interesting part I mentioned comes in. The myths and legends within the Legendarium World have their own worlds where the stories take place as, again, the stories within the dimension are explicity real. Some examples:
Domain of the Snow Queen
-Domain of the Snow Quee

Castle of Frankenstien's Mother
-Castle of Frankenstien's Monster

Clearing of Rumpelstiltskin
-Clearing of Rumplelsiltski

Gloomy Wood Forest
-Gloomy Wood Forest

Now of course, as you can all see, the scans above take place in different eras, settings, times, backgrounds, etc., but also don't have on-screen visable evidence of being universes like the Doorway to the World's scan does. So why should these story worlds still count as separate universes?

The answer is actually simple and easy: these stories are fictional versions of the worlds/dimensions they are described to take place on. What needs to be remembered here is that the fictional stories in the Legendarium World are not only made real, but are also strictly based on the worlds they originate from. They aren't simply residing in some blank void to fill the Legendarium world up with, which definitely and absolutely has no evidence to support it. And examples? Theres quite a few. For Instance:

-We have the story of the Fire Eaters from the Vortex of Flames. These creatures are regarded as legendary figures on Domino, Bloom's homeworld, coming from a place where users of the Dragon Flame try to test their power. By logic, the Fire Eaters story in the Legendarium World would be an exact replica of Domino, a world from the Magic Dimension, simply taking place at the time and setting of the lore. While this story lacks any on-screen proof of being a world due to only seeing a limited number of story worlds before the Legendarium was locked, there is absolutely no reason to doubt the basis of this story being a fictional version of the Magic Dimension with Domino as the stories main focus.

-We have the Domain of the Snow Queen, which is a story with an ice kingdom thats based strictly off of a forest from Canada on Earth. But unlike the Fire Eaters, there's explicit showings of this story being a world like Earth, as seen in the scan above.

-Then there's Castle of Frankenstiens Monster, which orignates from a castle found in the lore of Zenith, Tecna's homeworld. Like the last point, the scan above supports it being a world based on Zenith at the time.

-There is also Gloomy Wood Forest, the fictional version of Pixie Village, and Clearing of Rumpelslitskin, which centers around an enchanted field from Alfea.

These should be enough. So unless Earth for example doesnt have a universe to be a part of all of a sudden, both the real and fictional versions, these story worlds from the Legendarium should be treated as universal space-times like the same worlds the stories come from via logic and, if nothing else, very safe assumption. Now, one could possibly argue that the worlds these stories take place in aren't separate but apart of the same reality, but then that would result in the stories taking place in the same settings, times, and/or eras they come from, which is absurd. In addition, the enemies that the Winx make in the Legendarium World would then have the capability of traveling between stories to fight them all of a sudden, which is never shown or even implied. In fact, I can provide an example of this:

The winx in this episode entered a story world surrounding Pirate Zombies sailing on a boat in Calavera Island, a place from Mexico, Earth. They needed to go here in order to steal the Fantasy Emerald from the Pirates treasure. After taking it and coming back to reality, Selena in the very next episode explicity needed to call the Pirates into the real world via the Legendarium in order for them to get "revenge". If all the story worlds were truly in the same reality, this wouldnt have been neccesary. The Pirates wouldve attacked the Winx again every time they traveled back into the Legendarium World no matter what story.

In addition, this would have also allowed Acheron (the wizard who created the Legendarium but got trapped inside) to battle the Winx from within the Legendarium World itself. But this is never shown on-screen until after he is unsealed from the book.Therefore, if nothing else, the story worlds should be treated as entirely separate from each other. We finally get to this next part, the main act.

What does this have to do with Blooms AP?
Im getting to this now.

After all of the explanations above, what connection they have to Blooms power is through one of her previous enemies, Acheron, the creator of the Legendarium and subsiquently the Legendarium World in its entirety.

Acheron is confirmed, on more than one occasion, to be the creator of the Legendarium World itself. Here at 6:58 and here as well at 6:08 . However, from the lore regarding Achero , its confirmed when he first created the Legendarium, he could not control its power, and as a result he was sealed away within the book (this is where Blooms part comes in.) The only possible method Acheron had of being freed was to strictly use the power of Bloom's Dragon Flame. Well, a small part of it at least that Selina stole from her.

With this info, its not hard to put 2 and 2 together. Acheron was never strong enough on his own to control the Legendarium he created. Only through the portion of the Dragon Flame he got when released gave him the ability to control the book in the end. With no objections, this would mean Acheron when amped via a fragment of the flames power is greater than the Legendarium, which obviously scales to Bloom.

But now, for the sake of Bloom's AP, we can go under the impression that Acheron did not create the Legendarium world specifically and cannot scale to whatever power it has himself...which brings me to this part.

Does Bloom still scale above the Legendariums power?
Getting straight to the point.

The simple answer is yes. Whether Acheron scales to the power of his Legendarium or doesnt scale has no effect on Bloom's own scaling. Why? Because she wields the Dragon Flame . It's that simple and easy.

The Dragon Flame is consistently regarded as the most powerful source of power in the Magic Universe in terms of AP since it is the power of the Great Drago , who created the Winx verse. Some quotes to support this:

14:34 here - "Bloom is the most powerful fairy in the magic dimension."

43:37: "We're here for your power. The power of the Dragon Flame. Our Ancestor Witches found the source of the greatest power in the magic dimension. It was in you, Bloom."

44:26- "You are the guardian fairy of the greatest power in the Magic Dimension."

All from one special alone.

3:00 here - "The Dragon Flame is one of the great powers of the Magic Dimension".

42:25 here o - "At cloud tower, a witch was enveloped by a magic barrier, in which a powerful energy was coming."

"And when we tried to fight it..."

"We lost our powers. All of us. Except Bloom."

"What kind of Magic could be that strong?"

"And why didn't I lose my powers?"

"Its easy Bloom. Your power comes from the inextingiushable Dragon Flame. The source of the Magic Universe."

These should be enough. To sum it all up, the Dragon Flame is pretty much the god tier force of Winx Club. In terms of power, nothing except the Great Dragon, for obvious reasons, is stronger than it. Because of this, any magic power in Winx after post-dragons creation of the Magic Dimension should automatically be weaker than the flame instead of the other way around. Even if Acheron himself cannot scale toward the Legendarium's power, there is absolutely 0 reason why Bloom and her dragon fire cannot be upscaled from it. It's an artificat with magical power that has no feats on even remotely holding a candle to the flame. That would be like saying Arceus and the Creation Trio cannot upscale from any feat infinitely weaker mon do in Pokemon (hypothetical example.). The Dragon Flame is in no different position all of a sudden.

This is especially glaring when the Legendarium's power doesnt even remotely have any effect on the Dragon Flames. This is demonstrated in my previous link above. When the Winx tried destroying the Legendarium, it generated its power that took away all of theirs, except Blooms, since it was protected by the Dragon Flame. And now this link here at 9:42 to the end. When Acheron uses his signature spell, Infinite Chaos , to remove all magic from magic users in the Magic Dimension. Noting this is when Acheron is amped by the portion of the Dragon Flame used to unseal him. You'll notice that only Bloom and the Winx are left with magic because the Dragom Flame within them protects them. This means that even when amped by the very same power, the Dragon Flame, even little bits of it residing in the Winx, are still unable to be taken away. If anything really, the Dragon Flame influences the Legendarium, not the other way around, since its power was the only way Acheron could be freed from the book and control it without being sealed up again. Therefore, the Legendarium's power is not comparable to the Dragon Flames. At all. And incase anyone wants to throw "If she scales above it, why didnt she just destroy the Legendarium upfront" out there, one word: PIS. And a great deal of it for the sake of plot and for the existence of Bloomix, the winx's new fairy transformation, which they're supposed to get every season. So now we end this entire section with this:

What tier should Bloom be upgraded to?
Through scaling, If what's explained above gets accepted, then she should definitely be upgraded much above just Low 2-C.

As far as the Legendarium goes, we know there are multiple upon multiple stories in the book that are separate worlds, so this would make Bloom, at minimum, 2-C. However, as it turns out, the Magic Universe is actually Infinite in size. This is due to 2 Narrator statements here at 0:41 and at 20:56. With the Magic Universe being infinite, that would mean there are also infinite myths and legends from the dimension. Not to mention myths from Earth's dimension as well and possibly from the Earth Fairies dimension since the Legendarium is well known there too. This can very likely mean a 2-B rating once again or possibly a 2-A rating. However, the latter is not what im pushing for. Im not opposed to it but im not fighting for it either. Whoever wants to argue for it can on their own time.

That concludes the entire AP section. Now to finish this, lets finally get into Speed.

Now that we are here, I will say that im not really going to be pushing for Infinite/Immeasurable speed. In fact, I have no issues with leaving Bloom, and those who scale, at MFTL+ as thats a decent rating. However, I will need to address the issues with the reasoning to deny it as followed.

Dragon Flame users not being "timeless"
Dont get me wrong. I agree with the keepers of the Dragon Flame, like Bloom, being able to age and such. However, this shouldnt be a reason to suddenly deny her of the rating. Why? Because its not much of an argument. While it is true Dragon Flame keepers are not timeless, for obvious reasons, the main problem here is assuming them wielding the flames power suddenly makes the Flames power not timeless, or if they can even wield the flames power at all. While implied, it is never proven the people of Domino were actively able to unleash the flames power, let alone control it. And before someone mentions "Vortex of Flames", remember it is a place for people to test the power of the flame. Testing it =/= using it, let alone being succesful to the point of controlling it. This is no different than how in Naruto, being a Jinchuraki to a Tailed-Beast doesnt neccesarily mean they can use, or control, their powerful chakra. In Kuramas case, Naruto is the only Jinchuraki ever to control his power to a great extent, followed by Minato. Kushina is debatable but she lacks any on-screen/panel scenes of using the foxes power and she only unleashed its power once when Obito was unsealing Kurama from her. Mito Uzumaki has also never once used Kurama's chakra. Or how in the Eight Tails's case, Killer B was the only one who could properly wield and control its power and he was made into a Jinchuraki simply because the previous one failed miserably. In both cases, there are keepers who are just vessles to their power and vessles aren't assumed to be able to draw on their power without on-screen/panel or statement material as evidence. Bloom and Daphne are the only ones ever to be known in canon to wield the flames power. But now a question might come up:

"If Daphne was Infinite in speed, why didnt she blitz and stomp the Ancestrial Witches?"

For 2 reasons actually, besides Domnio's destruction being an entire plot point to the series. First, the witches never actually fought Daphne in a real fight and won. The only reason why they won, by a technicality, was because the witches used their dark magic to place a powerful curse on the power of Sirenix itself, which was where Daphne's power came from. The curse turned her into a disembodied soul, unable to use the flames power or her magic to fight with. And the second reason is, IIRC, Daphne didnt even have the Dragon Flame at the time since it was given to Bloom due to Royal Heritage. So im adressing this before someone asks. As a result, the flames vessles not being timelines should not have anything to do with the dragon flame itself being timeless.

In addition, as far as I know anyway, not being timless beings has NEVER been a reason to deny anyone of Infinite or Immeasurable speed here, so im not sure why Winx Club suddenly gets the short end of the stick. And unless we decide to suddenly downgrade guys like:

and more, who definitely aren't refered to being timeless but have the rating for other reasons, Bloom shouldn't be any different. While she isn't timeless herself, the power she draws her magic from is. The Dragon Flame, which is the power of the Great Dragon, a being that came before time and space and was born in a literal void before going on to create the Magic Universe, including beings like Arcadia and the Ethereal Fairies who also existed before time's creation and the flame's power is above their's. Therefore, there isnt any real reason why Bloom cannot scale. Yes, the formers are more along the lines of being infinite via state of beings and yes, Bloom may not have the same physical characteristics as the Great Dragon, but as far as the latter goes at least, Bloom draws power from the Dragom Flame so that already has her scaling toward the Great Dragon. Because of this, it isn't farfetched to say her physical stats can also scale to that of the dragons for being the best dragon flame user up to date and her stats are amped by the same exact power. As for the former, the Etheral fairies and Arcadia being infinite through states of beings doesnt neccesarily mean Bloom cannot scale to or above them. Other than them being weaker in all aspects, we have characters who scale to other character states of beings with no issues. Sonic is a great example of this since he's Infinite for keeping up with Solaris, an omnipresent being throughout time via merging with the past, present, and future, hence why Sonic, Shadow, and Silver needed to attack from the 3 points of time to have a real effect on Solaris at all. So what makes Bloom any different here with her dragon fire being beyond the capabilities of Arcadia and Ethereal Fairies? Nothing really. Finally, we end this section with this:

The Dragon Flame and the Water Stars
The dragon flames power on any day of the week is able to unleash space-time shenanagins to the point where it gets chaotic. Why? Because of its relationship with its polar equal opposite, the water stars. Both forces clashing causes chaos throughout the entire Magic Universe just by both existing there. So much chaos that the water stars needed to be sealed away, outside of space-time, into the Golden Kingdom to make sure they never clash with the dragon fire and bring chaos again. They even needed Arcadia to actively watch over them to make sure of this.

Sumed up proposed changes

  • Bloom should be upgraded to either 2-C, 2-B, or possibly 2-A (depending on who argues for the latter) for reasons involving the Legendarium
  • Bloom's speed should possibly be changed to Infinite/Immeasurable. But keeping it at MFTL+ is also a fine option as well.

That concludes everything. Please if there's anything I missed, mention it. Or if any issues, mention that as well. And again, whatever result happens here im fine with in the end.
Alright, AP is fine. Although 2-C is pointless. Just 2-B, likely 2-A

Although I have to deduct points for using the Winx Wiki. It has no sources or even references, and is about as credible as literally anyone just stating things without giving evidence. Thus, in this thread, I will ignore all "evidence" from the Winx Wiki.

The thread you linked is just to add the hax at this point. We already have confirmation that Sirenix bloom is at least 2-B.
Well like I already said, using Wikia is not the best but its better than having nothing but the show. Winx is not a show like DB or Digimon where they have actual databooks and such. Theres literally no other source to go off of sans the show than the wikia.

And the wikia isnt completely false since its helped me look up stuff from the show that is true before. Regardless, there isnt anything else to go off of here.
If all you have is the show, then all you have is the show. I don't really care if it is "all that is else", you shouldn't use it. The details in it that aren't in the show would be pure headcanon
Based on what? Its your word against that of the wikias. Saying wikias are 100% unreliable is like saying the one we take part in now is unreliable. And we do at times do use other wikias to justify points here. You may not like wikia, and that is fine, but not everyone feels the same.

Regardless, this should be discussed in another place. This is derailing and this is bound to become a very big thread again.
Neutral on everything except infinite speed. Because of the new infinite speed standards, that doesn't qualify anymore.
Im aware of the new standards and because of them, I don't believe the Golden Kingdom being outside of space-time would be able to qualify.

However, the Great Dragon being born from a void before existence should qualify. As in, the void that came before the Magic Universe was created.
Yes but legitimate scaling should be able to get around that (otherwise, Darkrai and Cresslia wouldnt be where they are the way I see it.).

Bloom scales toward the Great Dragon via wielding its power, the Dragon Flame, for all her capabilities. The dragon was born in the void before creating the verse with its flames.
Yeah... I was always iffy on that immeasurable speed. Heck, Season 7 actually DEBUNKS immeasurable speed due to it being time travel related. (The Winx needed the stones of memories to do so) Wait, does the profile not have time travel? It should get it from the stones of memories.

Even if there was a void, it's inconsistent with the feats and we can't accept that.
Ive actually never seen S7 (due to the terrible voice acting) so I can't comment on that stuff, but I can with almost 100% certainty say it wouldnt be inconsistent but more so PIS on Blooms part.

That, and time travel shenanagins have nothing to do with someone being immeasurable in speed. Look at Darkrai and Cresselia as examples. Unless you meant something else?
You can't pass off an ENTIRE season as PIS, ESPECIALLY one of the main parts of it.

Immeasurable literally means "movement beyond linear time". If you can't move across time by movement alone or have some higher dimensional shenanigans, you don't get this. (Keeping up with them can work, but we don't have that here) The fact that they have to time travel via stones of memories means that they don't fit the bill.

And Pokemon is a false equivalency because Palkia and Dialga actually do shenanigans and it is very clear. Other Pokemon keep up with them.
Yes but the thing is, immeasurable speed doesnt mean you get stuff like time travel. In fact, 4 of the 6 characters i've linked here don't have time travel and they still get Immeasuurable speed solely for other reasons, like scaling to characters who ARE immeasurable. That would be Bloom in this case since she'd be immeasurable solely for scaling toward the Great Dragon who has an immesurable speed feat by our standards. Not to mention scaling above Arcadia and the Ethereal Fairies for reasons I listed.

Actually no, its not a false equivalancy. Pokemon is one of the biggest examples of PIS here. Pikachu tagging Arceus, a bunch of fodders hitting Arceus, a ship tagging Giratina, manga pokemon trainers hitting Dialga and Palkia, etc. Besides Darkai, all of the former is nothing but PIS which happens quite a lot. If we can take nearly a whole series like Pokemon and three movies suurrounding the god tiers as PIS, then Winx is acceptable too. In fact, Bloom using some of the Great Dragons power brings more feats than anything else in the verse. If Bloom scales toward the magnum opus of the verse, then everything else going against her would be PIS or they simply scale toward her (Valtor, Trix, etc.)
They scale because they explicitly kept up with them. Bloom doesn't scale because, everything is inconsistent with it. By our void standards, the GD isn't even immeasurable.

That's still a false equivalency, since we haven't even proved that the Winx are immeasurable without the use of a void. So other characters and stuff have no reason to be PIS. As for the Pokemon, it is an Outlier because the Pokemon haven't shown to be Immeasurable (Except in this outlier), while the god tiers are shown many times to be such.

Immeasurable speed or even Infinite speed Winx is a big outlier (which is why the void standards exist). Maybe because, time and all events happen and do not freeze (We specifically have no reason to believe it is infinite) when they fight or even go about life.
Except Bloom does scale. Why? Because she wields and draws power from a being that IS immeasurable in speed by our standards (i'll counter this below). Thats much more than just keeping up with an immeasurable speed being, thats flat out wielding the power of an immeasurable being. And Bloom does this nearly 100% of the time she uses her magic in the show. It's not inconsistent, it would make everything else PIS for clear reasons. You can't claim her scaling to the dragon is inconsistent when part of the dragons power is, well, her power. In comparison, its more consistent then the stuff that would be inconsistent.

As for our void standards, a void that comes before anything in existence, like time or space, would qualify for immeasurable speed. The GD was born from said void.

That...doesnt really make it a false equivalancy. First, the winx, if anything, solely depend on Blooms scaling to even gain this speed so you'd have to disprove the latter first before getting to the former. Second, no reason to be PIS? Bloom wields a power thats the god tier force of the verse and the fact that she doesnt one shot enemies everytime they go against her would mean either 2 things. That they scale towards her, like the Trix and Valtor, or its flat out PIS to make it not a stomp fest. It's no different from Pokemon. In any moment the god tiers face fodder, there will be PIS, unless you want an immeasurable speed Pikachu.

Finally, the last paragraph is not an argument at all as events don't freeze for literally any verse that has immeasurable speed here either, yet we overlook that. So we do the same here for Winx as well.
Bluetrekking said:
@Prof You do, however. Characters needing to time travel has been used as an anti-feat for immeasurable speed.
My bad Blue, didnt see this until after my last reply.

If that really is the case (I don't even remember time travel being used as anti-feats for this honestly) then why does Darkrai still have Immeasurable Speed then if he has time travel?
Please provide more evidence other than "It's a part of her", because inconsistencies still apply. You need feats. And you still haven't proven Immeasurable. Because you still need to disprove Season 7

If it isn't an Outlier. Which it is due to Season 7, which you have to disprove in its entirety. (No you can't say "PIS")

And Dialga has literal feats, Winx doesn't have anything other than a void (That is an outlier). Those are not equal.

It states that it is an outlier due to no other Infinite/Immeasurable feats existing.
Like? Examples would help make your point more clear. But in any case, the power of the dragon being a part of her is all the evidence I need actually because more time is spent on Bloom using it then her going through inconsistent moments. The former outnumbers the latter. So unless you can prove the void the GD came from doesnt qualify for Immeasurable speed, there isnt any reason to doubt this.

Actually, I can call it PIS. It being a major plot point in the season has nothing to do with it not being PIS. Arceus getting hit and nearly killed with a meteor is a major plot point in Jewel of life. Doesnt make it not PIS. Same thing with Giratina getting nearly killed by a ship, and so on. It just means her and the winx needing to use time travel would be a PIS moment for the sake of story.
Also, your missing the point here Drago.

Bloom doesn need to move in a void to be immeasurable because thats not the reason why she'd be immeasurable. She'd be immeasurable because she scales to someone who IS immeasurable. The Great Dragon. You need to disprove the dragon being immeasurable in speed to debunk this, otherwise if its immeasurable, then Bloom would be too through clear scaling. And whatever moments Bloom goes through has 0 to do with the dragon.
Bloom almost always using the power of the Great Dragon, who is an immeasurable being, debunks limited instances of needing time travel as PIS.

Its you who needs to disprove the dragon being immesurable. Otherwise its speed applies to who uses its power, aka Bloom.

PS- My fault if im somehow coming off as rude.
Well, you can try the supporters and neutral sections of the verse page then.
If there are no such sections, you can message all of the people who participated in the previous Winx content revision thread, especially any staff members.
I wasn't part of the previous revision thread, but I was the one who originally helped with the mentioned 2-B revisions . As for currently.... I feel the reasons for the tier, as before, are solid. The main problem is determining transformations and such.
We can deal with transformations and stuff after everything else gets dealt with as they're the most important aspect of this revision.
Did you message the people that I suggested?
Can you supply a TLDR of what needs to be done?
I'll also look in the comics to see if there's anything that adds more information about the series ( Yes, they have a comic series ) . If there is a implied upgrade above 2-B or abilities that are not there yet , Ill let you guys know ASAP.
Of course Ant. TLDR:

Bloom should be upgraded to 2-B, likely 2-A, because of her power, the Dragon Flame, being far superior to the power of the Legendarium, a magic artifact that holds infinite worlds within its own dimension. And for speed, Bloom can possibly be upgraded to Infinite or Immeasurable speed because she scales to the Great Dragon, a being that was born in a void before creating time, space, and existence. If the latter isnt acceptable in the end, then she can remain at MFTL+