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Again, someone with a baseline + (5.5 tons of output) scaling from being stronger than someone who made an effortless 4 tons feat, versus someone weaker than someone who contributed to half or less of a 6.5 tons feat? If we give 3 tons to Hiei (seems adequate imo), then Homura is almost twice as strong as he is, plus has stuff like telekinesis with class K lifting strength (may ragdoll Hiei around) and extrasensory perception to back her skill up and further overwhelm her opponent.

My vote goes to Homura.

Don't know why you're saying he only scales to half the yield. Yusuke did the feat by himself and this is even stated on his profile.

Anyways, Voting Hiei. Hiei simply hits her with his conjuring blade and she becomes his minion or she gets mind controlled with his Jagan. Hiei has far more combat and can enhance his vision with his Jagan. Hiei wins this mid-diff.
I like Hiei, and I feel bad that there are not notable win/losses for him. And if your wondering why SK? Well I kinda think he gives off a sorta Hebijo vibe and would probably fit into SK. Plus I think it might not be a bad idea to have his opponents be female mostly. (I also matched him up against Sasuke and Ichigo if you're interested)
What do you mean with it being interesting to favor female opponents on his notable matches section, though?
In YYH he one fought one female, but here he can fight many female opponents, I kinda wish that Togashi coulda create more strong female fighters. And there is the theme of bad*ss Guy vs Bad*ss Girl is verses debates.

Also I kinda wish he was in SK