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Ok so the last thread focused mostly on everything that isn't abilities. This thread will do the oposite, and focus only on the abilities of the dudes because it's either pretty bare, or pretty wrong. Im gonna list abilities according to the list on my sandbox:

To everyone:

Fear Manipulation: Some have it stronger than others but most master class have insane presences capable of these effects whereas some people like Kenichi and Odi have it to lesser extents. With supermasters being capable of making people lose consciousness with Ki alone with top tiers being capable of this: his level of ki was enough to engulf the entire island, it was immense yet extremely quiet, so much so that Hayato compared it to the Ki of nature itself. To do that one has to master his ki completely.

Kenichi Shirahama

Mikumo Kushinada

  • Weather Manipulation. This is not an addition, im just questioning its existence, i do not remember such a thing, if anyone does remember it, a scan would be helpful.
Hayato Furinji



    • Hearing. Should massively upscale from everyone in the series which includes people like Sho Kanou (though maybe shouldn't upscale from Lugh)
  • Analytical Predictio. Master and creator of Ryusui Seikuken and i think normal seikuken too, so massively upscales from everyone in the series in that regard.
    • Technique Mimicry As stated above should scale massively above Alexander who could copy techniques from 1 use.
Every other power in the series. I won't list these, as it depends on whether we will agree on it. But he should be capable of performing most abilities in the series due to having fought with highest level masters and grandmasters all his life and having extreme knowledge on every technique he comes across along with being significantly above Kensei who could copy an entire martial arts (that's on a Supermaster level) during a fight. With maybe exception of weapon styles.

But he should have possibilities such as:

Durability Negation and Death Manipulation, scaling from satomi who was taught the technique from Saiga Furinji, who also uses the Furinji Style. Can use ki to shut off a pressure point on meridians temporarily which basically results in 1 hit kills for reasons explained here. Such a thing can be used on every living being which kills on a cellular level.

So for this last point imma wait for opinions, on whether he should have most notable techniques.
Hmm...Status Effect Inducement could work, i will wait on more people to vote on that then.

Hmm, well it hits the opponent as if it were attacking behind him which seems to be a version of Sakaki's and Kensei Ma's attack to damage internally.

What do you mean weakness of the technique? What technique?

Which lack direct scans?

Yeah it's type 1 i believe.

Yeah, not all forms of ESP, only forms that rely on sensing ki or killing intent.

I do not have the time to confirm this list in-depth, but duplication and matter manipulation seem like exaggerations, and the rest of the suggestions are probably mostly fine, if ByAsura accepts them.
How exactly do these "ki feints" work? Are they constructs, illusions, or created by manipulating the senses?
ByAsura said:
How exactly do these "ki feints" work? Are they constructs, illusions, or created by manipulating the senses?
I guess both, but it was never explained

Seems like it is just making people believe their next attack will be X using Ki, when they really will not do that.


I don't think duplication is that much of an exaggerated ability.

As for matter manip, while i do feel where you're coming from, considering:

  • Kushinada is one of the best ki users in the series, where even disciple class can cause death on a cellular level.
  • The ryouzanpaku were pretty serious on avoiding contact with those.
I suppose Sense Manipulation is fine. If they see multiple characters at once (which I think they did), it could be Illusion Creation as well.
I can buy that she makes people think that there are several of her, but not that she creates actual physical copies.

Mattter manipulation is also much more transforming a lump of lead to a golden chair than causing cellular breakdowns.
Well that was what that was said, and remember even Takeda Ituski, who's a disciple class, could use his ki to physically hurt people. So a character scaling massively above him being able to create a physical copy through ki, does seem fair.

Then would Deconstruction be better?
And duplication still seems like extreme hyperbole for this particular series. It wouldn't fit.
Ok then i guess just really good Afterimage + Illusion Creation / Sense Manipulation?

As for the Biological Manipulation? Would that be able to pulverize people? I do agree that it only works on humans/people with Ki though.
Im still a bit confused as to why pulverization is bio manipulation instead of "Limited Deconstruction (Doesn't work on objects)".

Anyway what about the last point, about Hayato having the notable techniques of other masters as "possibly"? Is that fine?


  • Durability Negation 1st type - Agree
  • Resistance to info analysis, analytical prediction, and ESP with muyoboshi - Disagree with info analysis, ESP and analytical prediction. It's like stealth mastery or some sort
  • Further resistance to ESP - I wouldn't say that is further resistance but agree that it's resistance to ESP
  • Immense aura - Agree
  • ESP with Seikuken - Agree
  • Instinctive Reaction - Agree
  • Power Mimicry/Identity Mimicry - Agree
  • Unknown ability from Shigure - That's some sort of limited dura neg or some sort
  • Reactive Power Level - Did he get stomped and proceed to get even with him from a single fight in their first encounter? Accelerated Development (Training, Battle; Physical Stats, Abilities) seems to be more fitting than RPL
  • Enhanced Senses - Sensing bloodlust and danger is ESP not Enhanced Senses. However the other justifications are Enhanced Senses so Agree on the part
  • Info Analysis - Agree
  • Pseudo Attack Reflection - Disagree. That's not Attack Reflection since he's not returning his opponents attack since Kenichi is just counter attacking. That's more keen on the Martial Arts and skills
  • Statistic Amplification - I'm confused on this part. It seems like it more on Attack Reflection
  • Analytical Prediction - Agree
  • Pseudo Statistic Reduction - I read the battle, it seems like flowery language. No evidence that it is Statistic Reducation. Disagree
  • Resistance to Mind Manipulation - Disagree. In my own perspectives, fighting unconsciously doesnt mean you get some form of resistance of mind manipulation tho since they just fainted and some mind manip users can still mind control them.
  • Bloodlust - From what I see in the fight. It seems like he lost his pacifist nature and as result, he lost some of his weakness and his movements improved. It seems like Bloodlust but it also seems to be an exaggeration to me to since from what I understand from the word bloodlust means that you are in rage. Neutral
  • Chi Manipulation - The cellular death thing is just a very potent Biological Manip + Pressure Point rather than Death Manip but the others I Agree

  • Duplication - Disagree. That seems to be some higher level of Afterimage Creation
  • Sense Manipulation - She's not manipulating her opponent's senses so I Disagree. It's more on Illusion Creation
  • Immense Aura - Agree
  • Matter Manipulation - Disagree. Can I have another scan regarding that ability? It seems vague to me
  • Weather Manipulation - Hmm the profile's justification is limited weather manipulation but if there's no such thing happened in the manga then it should be removed. Maybe it's an anime non-cannon thing but who knows.

  • Removal of Dou ki - Agree
  • Removal of Forcefield - Agree
  • Enhanced Senses - Agree
  • Shockwave Creation - Agree
  • Memory Manipulation - Disagree. He's not manipulating the person's memory and everyone in this world can do that as long as the person has enough force to hit the head. That's more on Biological Manipulation
  • Very good Information Analysis - Agree
  • Can read lips - That seems to be some sort of Info Analysis. Not sure
  • Statistic Reduction - Disagree. Limiting his strength to 0.0002% of his power is just some insanely good Body Control
  • Body Control - Agree
  • Analytical Prediction - Agree. The other explanation describes Enhanced Senses and ESP
  • Can slip past into blah blah blah - That's Stealth Mastery with some combination of Info Analysis
  • Illusion Creation - The scan you just showed seems to be Pseudo-Invisibility via moving too fast. I'm not sure. Neutral
  • Technique Mimicry - I don't see scans of mimicking technique tho from the previous scan.
  • Ryouzan blast - That seems to be Air Manipulation via Chi Manipulation
  • Pseudo flight - Agree
  • The voice thing - That's Sound Manipulation
  • Resistance to ESP - Agree
  • Instinctive Reaction - Agree
  • Durability Negation 1st type - Agree

  • I'm not sure about if we should give him all the powers but possibility is fine I suppose. The cellular death thing is just a very potent Biological Manip + Pressure Point. It's not Death manipulation.


Paralysis instead of fear? What about rendering opponent's unconscious or people withdrawing immediately? I'd say Status effect inducement would fit better than Paralysis.


  • Resistance to ESP, Info Analysis and Analytical Prediction. It is because the attack has no "rythym" (which is the term used for flow, which is used to predict attacks), due to not having any rythym and lacking any signs that it will attack, it is impossible to predict it.
  • Unknown ability from shigure, i don't think cutting is dura neg.
  • He kind of attacks the opponent with the force he gets attacked with so idk. Also what about Sho's case where Miu stated he had reflected Sho's attack?
  • Stat Amp, yeah but i didn't know what to call the "enlargens the effect of the opponent's blow" part.
  • Pseudo Stat Reduction. It's more like by overriding his opponent's moves, the opponent lacks the strength to counter, at least that's what Shou's words should mean. But idk what to call it, i know it's not Stat Red, but idk what else.
  • Resistance to Mind Manip- No resistance to mind manip is universal. He is resistant to some types of mind manip, not ones that can specifically mind hax even when unconscious though.

  • Sense Manip. I believe Illusion Creation is a form of sense manip.
  • Matter Manip - That's it, that's the scan on it.

  • Memory Manip, pretty sure giving people amnesia to the point of not knowing their identity or how to speak is memory manip. Comes from bio manip, but memory manip would be a better way to put it.
  • Stat Reduction- Hmm, body control, ok fair enough.
  • Wait, Why did i call Ougi Illusion Manip? It is an ability that makes someone constantly stay in an opponent's blind spot. Im not sure. I guess the Illusion Manip should stay for Chi reasons scaling from Mikumi. But not that, idk, i guess i had a brain fart there.

Ok on the abilities. As for the Bio manip and Pressure points, it is still death hax. Any ability that can induce death/kill, is death manip, but im fine leaving it as Bio Manip and Pressure Points.

  • Status Effect Inducement seems to be good but I think it's also a combination of Paralysis Inducement and Sleep Manipulation (Fainting). The enemy withdrawing part doesn't imply they fear their opponents tho based on those scans

  • Then it's just conventional resistance to Analytical Prediction and ESP. I also missed the part where they can't read Kenichi's strength. Kenichi should have resistance to Power Reading for that
  • Unknown ability from shigure - Well I was thinking more of the lines of A sword that cuts steel like butter. I guess that also falls in Martial Arts.
  • Then it's both RPL and Accelerated Development (Training, Battle; Physical Stats, Abilities)
  • Sho's scan implies to be Attack Reflection. I think it's full on Attack Reflection since it's kinda similar to Garou's WSRSF but with different methods
  • I read the whole chapter, it's more on the lines of Attack Reflection tho since he returned the damage of his opponents and his damge depends on his opponents damage output. Kinda like Garou's WSRSF
  • This seems to be between the lines of "Being one step ahead of his opponents" thing. That is the byproduct of Analytical Prediction, he's not really weakening his opponents
  • Then it should be worded as "Conventional resistance to mind attacks"

  • Sense Manip is more on the lines of manipulating your opponents 5 senses directly (Altering their senses, removing their senses, confusing their senses). I think Illusion Creation is better
  • Matter Manip - That ability is vague for me to judge. It seems like the word pulverize is the key but we haven't seen what happens if they got touched by that hand.

  • Memory Manip via Bio Manip then
  • Ougi seems to be in the lines of Skills/Martial arts. Pseudo-Invisibility via going to the opponents blind side seems to be better to me
  • Then I agree with Technique Mimicry

  • Then Death Manip via Bio Manip + Pressure Point then
About the fear. These seem like fear.


  • On the accelerated developement, while it's true, im not sure, as most of his insane progress is usually stated or implied to be because of how good his masters are which wouldn't count. So idk if i wanna give him that, it seems like good teaching, as he's overly stated to be completely untalented.
  • Attack reflection sure, i was talking about the "reflects the attack and enlargens its effect", so i guess i can just specify that in the attack reflection part (Can reflect the attack and seemingly enlargen its effect.
It doesnt imply fear. However it's a feat for the guy reacting to that aura and he should have ESP or Enhanced Senses. The guy mentions that the aura cause dizziness so it should also be noted

Accelerated Development is almost common for Shonen Protagonist and Kenichi should really have that. It is the ability to raise ones statistics and/or abilities at a much faster pace than a normal character in the setting. Kenichi went from weakest and one of the strongest in a short amount of time and I already specify what type of Acceleration Development he should have
He did say "i jumped back without thinking".

Well as i said, it's mostly given to the masters for being too good at raising disciples, rather than Kenichi being quick at growing. Kenichi just has a lot of willpower for putting up with all that training.
Yeah but it's still not fear tho. It's just a feat for the guy that jumped back

Well Kenichi is no exception to that. Shounen protagonist also has sensei that teach them (Goku has Roshi, Naruto has Jiraiya, Luffy has Rayleigh) and they accel development as long as the main point is that the character learns faster and got stronger than the other characters in the setting in which he did. You don't need to be some sort of genius to have that
I believe we have an overall agreement here.


What do we do about the Accelerated Development? Since i also disagree with it, would it be good to put it as:

Pseudo Accelerated Development (Under the guidance of his masters he grows a lot faster than any other disciple in the series)

I am uncertain. It is explicitly stated that Kenichi strictly grows so fast due to ridiculous amounts of hard work and determination in combination with extremely good teachers.
I finished the changes on Kushinada and Kenichi's profiles. Only hayato is left which i will take care of tomorrow, since it requires the most amount of work, and it's already late for me.
You can probably add the justification, yes.
MrDrProfessorPatricio said:
@ Earl
The Statistic reduction part is Power Modification

Damage reduction part seems to be stat amp
No, power mod is specifically for powers.

And no, it doesn't increase stats, it just redirects the damage i guess.
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