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Goku black vs hit rematch 3 I think?

Scaling goes as:

SSJR Black (peak) > SSJB Vegeta (post rosat) > SSJB Goku = Hit >/< SSJR Black (100th zenkai) >>>> Everyone else in the Black arc barring Spirit Sword Trunks and Fusions.

Soooo, since Black has an arguable AP advantage and should know how to counter Hit's abilities in this Scenario plus the incredibly fast adapt power for Black I'll vote for him. Hit has a chance with the Time Cage though.
No info for post-ToP Hit but if we assume he's as strong as Current Blue Goku he'll one shot Black.

But ToP Hit (after adapting to Dyspo) is a good match up for Black IMO.
A good matchup would be Post-Black arc Hit, before the ToP. He was completely matched with SSB Goku, and we know SSR Black, SSB Vegeta and SSB Goku were all roughly comparable towards the end of the arc.

It's hard to say how a fight goes down between a comparable Black and Hit. Black having knowledge of all of Hit's hax means that Hit can't abuse Time Skip, and Black would likely cut through Hit's space-time via his scythe if Hit tries to go in there.

Hit's intangible attacks are extremely potent, but if Black's skill is like Goku's, it's reasonable for him to evade them.

Still, I don't think Black wins either. Hit would likely easily react to a spacetime slash, and could likely dodge it (unlike Goku's omnidirectional blast) and while Black can predict Hit's movements, he has nowhere near the level of experience with Hit's fighting style as Goku, so he shouldn't be capable of fighting on the same level.

Overall, it's extremely hard for me to conclusively argue Hit or Black (with knowledge of Hit) but I think Hit's reactive evolution and hax gives him a strong enough edge to adapt to, and kill, Black.

Going to vote for Hit.