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As said in the vs Mewtwo thread: There is ample evidence and justification that Infinite uses fear to charge the phantom ruby but also tons of evidence that every time he tries to make people "afraid" they shrug it off and keep fighting. If supernatural forces were making them afraid then its obviously not strong enough. Nevertheless I said power the phantom ruby not manipulation. If it were added to his page what should we call it?

Since nobody is chatting yet:

I'm gonna call it Fear Draining. Is that a rigorous enough word for it?

Absorbtion maybe?

Conversion maybe? He doesn't get new abilities like demanded of absorbtion. Only... well fear energy.

edit: I don't even need word of god. Everytime he tries to feed on fear his aura shows up. Seriously this thing is obvious.

edit2: Several cutscenes show Infinite without aura and all of them that I've counted so far DON'T involve him trying to scare someone.


every single time infinite monologues his aura appears and every other time he's not doing that it goes away. He can also hide his power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M8zDzD90zQ

See when he's being elusive his aura hugs him instead of radiating outward like a dbz character or a hunterxhunter character.

edit again: I guess he can use zetsu because that aura hugging thing is there. What we havn't seen him do and I'd bet any money he DOES know how to do is ren, or enhancing his aura in any meaningful capacity. Almost conclusively proving he's holding back.

edit again: But he DOES use a larger aura at the very begining against Silver. And wins. Silver should be more powerful than base form Sonic anyways.

edit again: What bothers me is that fueling powers based on various emotions isn't even a thing despite it being everywhere in fiction. I'm not kidding characters used to talk about it. Why discount something so important if its longstanding gospel?


Ahah. That sounds correct.

Emotion Empowerment can I add it to his profile? Or do we need to debate it?

Struggling so hard to figure out what it should be called.

Emotion Empowerment(can use the phantom ruby abilities so long as he's tied to its "awakening" or in short attuned to it) Eh the attunement part bothers me as I don't want artifacts of other systems but it does describe what the characters are doing with it.
Just adding Empowerment is okay. You can add a description that Infinite uses the fear to get this done.
I guess I'm unsure if thats refering to just this page or what. This is looking like a pretty complicated process is there any way you could guide me through it?
To get a CRT accepted and applied you need to have as much approval from staff and knowledgeable members as possible to see if everything is accurate.

I'm not too knowledgeable on Sonic verse to do so.

You can ask The real cal howard in that regard.
Great... bureaucracy on a wiki. How do I contact him. What service do I use? Email? There's no user information when I click his name.
No idea. He's a person with a life just like anyone else.

Be patient. There are threads that last a few hours but others can prolong for weeks.
Anyways I think this is why his power is so inconsistent and he always monologues like he does. He needs to feed on emotions to use any of his powers. One minute he's barely fighting base form Sonic and the next he's curbstomping the guy in a single attack. There's some serious gameplay and story segragation going on there but it makes sense if thats the context. If sonic could beat him the second time but Infinite got back up and one shotted him maybe he's not able recharge himself without fear. Well at least without connecting with a power source like eggman does. I mean the game shows us him recharging that way inexplicably mid battle.

edit: oh and thanks again.

edit2: eggman yucks about how infinite the dragoons power source is yet its only 5A... those statements conflict. I suppose there is the argument that sonic didn't go Super Sonic to defeat him but does he even have the Chaos Emeralds to do so?

He does use the power of teamwork instead.

Hah Eggman was using the emeralds according to this theory:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2f4IL1LOTY

theres a pic right there,