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I reccomend Type 6 Size, considering that Black Holes are way bigger than Planets. One Black Hole is over 100 Bilion Kilometers. 800 Times the distance between the Earth and the Sun.
Gravity itself is a natural phenomenon, so should be included anyway.

Time Manipulation also I would presume, due to objects moving at high speeds experiencing Time Dialation. Also Distance dialates along with time. Gravity can also dialate time. Though these are all on a small scale.

Also add explosions, as various natural pehenomena can induce explosions.

Overall it looks quite good, though you would have to have it accepted by an actual Staff member.

Though Sandstorms are cuased by winds, and not the manipulation of the sand itself. But that is really just being picky about semantics.

Fire tornados are also a thing, rare, but they happen.

The Black Hole I mentioned is M87.

GRB 080916C is a GRB (Gamma Ray Burst), still is the Strongest GRB, and one of, if not the, greatest cosmological event documented by mankind.

SN 2015 L is the most powerful Nova, Being a Hypernova with a yield of 2e46 (Approximate, couldent find exact calculation)
This definately won't get accepted by a staff member. A composite for a bunch of different phenomena with nothing in common besides the fact they are real. This is just a fun blog-thought experiment idea.

Time dialation is more of a natural effect than a supernatural ability which is what time manipulation is, I think I have explosion manipulation on there
Also the range for things like Gravity is Universal. No matter the distance, two objects would always pull on eachother. There is just a certain distance where that pull becomes absolutely miniscule due to

F = G * M * m / R^2

Which means,

  • F stands for gravitational force in Newtons.
  • M and m are the masses of two objects in question;
  • R is the distance between the Centre of Mass of these Two Objects, and
  • G is the gravitational constant 6.674 * 10^(-11) N*m^2/kg^2.
Meaning the Sun would still pull on the Average Man (70kg), when he is 1 LY away from it, with 0.000000000103813 Newtons of Force.

Move that to 100 LY away 0.00000000000001 Newtons.

To reach True Zero (Without approximating), it would require an infinite between the two objects.

Also just for fun, I calculated the force released if two M87's collided. and it came out as 1,823,376,531,518 Foe. (1.8 Trillion Foe)
Alrighty, that is what I thought. Was just answering seriously as this isen't on the Fun & Games Board. But it is a fun thought experiment nonetheless.