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Deidara vs Onoki

I'm still entitled to belibe Deidara one shots because he knows who Onoki is and everything he is capable of.

Deidara will start with his bombs th t can invade the body off the bat and one shot
That's a fair point, but I don't think it'll be as effortless as you say because Onoki also knows everything about Deidara too, and also has the means to one-shot. But ultimately I think Deidara probably wins via c3 and c4.
Both of em can one-shot the other. While C4 is something Deidara planned to use against an Uchiha (Itachi), he was about to use a Mini C4 against Onoki during the war and I honestly have no idea how Onoki would be able to see C4's effect coming.

I'm leaning towards Deidara, but maybe I'm bias cuz he's my fave Akatsuki member.
I honestly think it's a pretty interesting battle because both are perfectly capable of defeating one another. I guess what it comes down to is who'll unleash their one-shot attack first and how much they know about each other
shouldnt ohnoki be faster? he scales was able to keep up with cloaked ay and fight madara and his clones where as deidara scales to hebi sasuke

although deidara did keep up with ohnoki in flight speed
I would argue that Onoki probably wins. Deidara can insta-win with C4, but Onoki can insta-win with Particle Style, which from what I've seen comes out faster and is used by its wielder more often.
Onoki also has experience advantage and waa even praised by Madara for this. He also knows everything about Diedara as well. I vote Onoki FRA
Dargoo Faust said:

It's a troll/sock. Please don't give them attention.
Alright then. Sorry I just got a bit annoyed because there was so many in just one day.
idk if this is a necro but Ohnoki takes it. He has better speed feats, more reliable one shot, more skill XP versatility AP and endurance, etc. He's really underrated. He's one of the strongest Kages out there.