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<Hagane made the Downgrade thread

Don't even need to read the thread to know that got rejected
The only thing people are agreeing with so far is the reworking of High 6-A stuff, not High 7-A.
I'm Blue daba dee daba die said:
I know Hagane made some bad stomps before, but how does that mean her CRT's suck

Oh yeah, High 7-A downgrade got rejected
She makes bad CRTs as well, and typically doesn't have the best judgement
Schnee One said:
I'm Blue daba dee daba die said:
I know Hagane made some bad stomps before, but how does that mean her CRT's suck

Oh yeah, High 7-A downgrade got rejected
She makes bad CRTs as well, and typically doesn't have the best judgement
Oh (Let's hope people don't think of me like that) Anyway, what's zilla's and cole's AP
Does he need resistance to plasma for anything? Last I checked, plasma isn't haxy in any way.
Plasma is basically just free electrons and ions afaik
Also, Schnee can correct me if I'm wrong, but I could have sworn Conduits resisted radiation of some sort. Something involving the Ray Sphere.

Anywho, I'll be busy for awhile. I'll continue responding later.
It's not a real black hole so I don't think it would

Then again Beast kinda produces radiation no? And conduits are immune to the Ray field plague
Alright, let's address the elephant in the room. Can Cole get past the 6-C shield? Because the profiles says EMPs can disable it and Cole's main power is electricity.
It's not just about disabling it with EMP. You need to do it at a stupidly precise time with a very specific frequency IIRC. It quickly regenerates afterwards. He wouldn't be a problem otherwise. Also not sure how bassboosting goes here.
Cole could probably disable the shield just through absorption shenanigans and his own ability to manipulate magnetism. He's been shown to disable shields with his lightning before.

No clue how sound wave will work here given Cole's resistance to matter hax.
That depends on how those shields operated. Some force fields in fiction can be simply overloaded after all.

It's not matter hax so much as shouting really loudly. Like loud enough to instantly turn giant ships into dust. Being able to live through that would mean you can just pull yourself together from any attack that doesn't straight up erase you.
With durability negation properties. I don't remember if it still fits under High 7-A, but it is something he has no qualms about using
But it's not direct matter manipulation as the sound waves do the job naturally. He doesn't even have that thing listed as Matter Manipulation in any capacity (it's Sound+Vibration Manipulation instead with no mention of Matter Manipulation)

How does one even resist matter manipulation without hax or having Regenerationn of appropriate level anyway since even cutting something simply involves severing bonds and such
Then it isn't Durability negation, sound waves don't individually attack the smallest bonds of a being like a black hole does, once again atomizing ships is a pure AP thing.

Attacks have properties that can specifically target the atomic bonds, such as a black hole, while a sword does not. Some characters, such as Cole, can resist a direct Atomic attack but still be hurt by the attack itself.

Has Godzilla ever atomized another High 7A who can resist attacks directly to atomic bonds.
You can't make sound directly target atomic bonds without some weirder stuff going on behind it, so, something should be done about that in his profile, then.

Are we even told about what exactly that shout does to the target other than grinding it to dust instantly? If it is pure AP, shouldn't it be calculated separately?