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Gewsbumpz dude said:
Does The Joker have a fear?
Iirc some versions have been afraided of their own hallucinations, others had a very bad time admitting their dependence over Batma[1]. In any case, Joker has felt extreme anger, depression and sadness, so I don't think it would be too far fetched to consider that he has fears.
So, if that's the case this is what I think will happen.

Pennywise going against someone who has a major fear or phobia is much different from Pennywise against these other eldritch entities he's been fighting.

Pennywise in character will drag out the fight. This almost ceratainly will revolve around Joker's past and Batman. What I think he'll do is make him see his true past (He would should know it) or at least the part where he meets batman by falling into a vat of chemicals.

Then the next scene would be Joker seeing either a random mook, his minon, or sees himself kill Batman. His limp body in his hands with himself laughing at the real Joker while telling him the only reason for his life to go on is now dead.

At this point either Joker is terrified / freaking out... or he's completely unfazed.

If it's the former than Pennywise toys around some more before overtaking him or throwing him into a grave with the batman corpse he made. Ends with Joker willingly being killed or suffocates under the dirt. Joker has a chance here if he's able to get past his grief and attack Pennywise... but the problem there is that Regen and Immortality Type 2.

If it's the ladder, Joker has a chance if he tries to completely destroy Pennywise's body beyond his Regenerationn... the problem here is that in this case Pennywise Deadlights or Mindhaxes.

I think Pennywise has the overwhelming advantage here, espeically since Joker is very unstable as he is and Pennywise's regen/immortality will let him tank enought to pull out another Wincon from his cards.
Does Penny's mindhax only work if you look into his deadight mouth thing?
Moritzva said:
Does Penny's mindhax only work if you look into his deadight mouth thing?
He has two ways, thought based (in which you dance with him, completely under his control) and Deadlights (which you are completely paralyzed and damn near brain-dead as you float into the air) He likely could lead one into the other as well.
It seems like he leads with Deadlighting the opponent to actually get rid of them- forcing people to dance was just to **** with someone, while he Deadlighted the guy into the air.

What if you don't look into the Deadlights? Can Joker's bullets and weaponry put down Pennywise? What can put him down?
>Can't look at the deadlights

One, Joker doesn't know he shouldn't so... that's kinda of an asspull

Two, speed of light. So unless he's sub-relativisitic in speed while speed is equal... how is he avoiding it? Also that leaves him blind for the fight... not very smart.

Three, bullets don't work jon, but if Joker is able to chop the lad into pieces (which he likely could) that's Joker's wincon.

Edit: This is assuming Joker doesn't crack from Batman's death, and if he doesn't Pennywise would obviously have the space advantage to capatalize on Joker charging for the kill.

The problem being Pennywise having so many other ways to deal with Joker than the reverse.
Oh I know Joker is ****** here. I'm asking about looking into Deadlights for other matches.

So, bullets don't work fast enough to kill Penny, but other methods work fine?

Do the opponents die after he Deadlights them to hell and back?
So Deadlights have to be perceived in some way, eyes usually being the most common way, but any other ways would likely do the same.

Bullets just don't kill Pennywise, and the only reason Joker has a chance is that he might be able to rip him apart with the massive AP difference between baseline 9-A to 9-A+. So he COULD overcome his Mid Regen but he needs to get close.

EDIT: Also his mind hax for "******* with someone" still shuts down the person from attacking him or moving. So it can force the person to look into his deadlights.

As for the Deadlights, it causes you to basically be in a coma forever... Unless you have "true loves kiss" but that's outside help and SUPER specific.
Does it need to? It just perma incaps the opponent.

Pennywise might eat the person piece by piece if he wants to, but his Clairvoyance would warn him if that would be an issue.
What happened to the guy in the clip after he got Light'd? How does Clairvoyance work?
Before he could finish his deadlight trance, ANOTHER PERSON who wasn't looking at the deadlights hit him in the deadlights, setting free the person before the trance was fully set.

Clairvoyance is pretty vague, but he knows things no one said, wrote down, or shared or seen in anyway. He knows if you have a phobia or deepest fear, he knows if you are mentally weak, etc.
Clairvoyance doesn't seem combat applicable.

Also, it's not supposedly not lethal. Hrm.
Any more questions not related to this match can be DM'd to me or Gews. Since I don't want to flood this thread with questions not really related to the match.