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They both have equal range, for all intents and purposes Chel has more LS and Stamina (because **** Unknown stats-), the AP different is like 2.2X so nothing bad here. That's like bruise level.

Chel Has some experience with people tougher than her, and we don't know enough about GR skill to say he takes it in that category as you said he mostly stomps things via ap. Chel can handle fighting several people at once so that's fine. Main issue might be the bike and AoE since penance stare isn't in character
AP is still technically noticeable, advantage nonetheless imo, Bike is kind of a problem, yeah, he likes to initially start with hit and run and then moving to straight up confrontations once he thinks he's peppered the guy enough or is disrupted. The AoE is actually pretty effective if I'm honest, he uses his range to it's full effect with Chain whipping, though, Chel can yank his chain and throw him off his bike if he's too annoying, can't hold onto it though, constantly burning.

But yeah as you said AP, AoE and Mobility are the main issues, while Chel has LS, Stamina, arguably Skill, Speed Amps and variety.
i mean if it doesn't then its limited Inorganic Physiology, but its not on the page, hence **** u

Plus its Hellfire.
I mean fair I guess. I don't have any scans to show otherwise I just sorta assumed her hand wouldn't feel it
He doesn't have much skill showings here. Only X years of training. That kinda feat, from what Zark has told me
N o

g o o d f i g h t e r s

One of the lore books even says "skilled: Yes" for a common enemy so clearly they're skilled
Anywho uh I think Chel just has way more advantages than GR and I dunno if he could overcome that?? Heck his mobility could get deleted by just yanking the chain he tosses at her after all
Eh the AP difference still stands though, plus like, AoE.

Anyways counted.

@Buttersamuri Most Ultimate Marvel characters have far less skill.
Does he spam AoE and how wide is the range? Just curious. I personally think those two things alone won't net him the win though
He spams whipping his chains and shooting flames around, yes, maxes out his range iirc.

it's like 5 issues Jacky just read 'em