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The King of all Things Lewd
VS Battles
Horse vs Triangle

Speed is equalized. Bill is Low 2-C. Buttercup is inside the Hyper-meadow, which is the size of the moon at the start of the fight. He is bloodlusted. Bill starts 20 meters away from the Hyper-meadow.
Or maybe he doesn't, but he can still one-shot it via his AP since destroying space-time is literally the requirement for Low 2-C. Like, once he sees his snap doesn't work, he'll probably try to AP blast him away (like against Time Baby) or BFR him in a pocket dimension like what he did to Mabel.

Also, can't Bill change and distort that region with his reality warping like what he did to Gravity Falls as soon as he got in the real world?

Also, what can Buttercup do to Bill?
Fairly sure Bill doesn't universe bust in character, given that his feat is more like "He'll eventually destroy the universe" rather than him actually doing it. Sheer AP won't really work here, only actually destroying the universe will.

The Hyper-meadow can already counter other reality-warping effects like itself just by forcing it back.

If bloodlusted he would just Unlimited Expansion, which means that the reality-warping effects of the meadow will expand at light speed.
Saikou The Lewd King said:
If bloodlusted he would just Unlimited Expansion, which means that the reality-warping effects of the meadow will expand at light speed.
Doesn't the profile say that Buttercup is Low 2-C only when he encompass the entire universe? If he's not universal in size, then he isn't Low 2-C.

Also, any Low 2-C character can bust a timeline due to it being the literal requirement for the tier. It just that Bill won't do it in character. However, after realizing that his other haxes don't work against a distorted space time, he'll probably resort to AP which he has done before.

Also, what Buttercup can do to Bill? Bill also have Low Godly regen
Beast Zero Gudako said:
Saikou The Lewd King said:
Transmutation on a distortion in space-time. Right.
This is nothing compared to the guy who said Bill transmutates an abstract Multiversal concept with Type 5 acausality.
does the guy start with a T and rhymes with Blender?

Anyhow, how does Horse's info hax work?
Oh. In that case, it's not Bill's first move in character, but he'll probably resort to it eventually seeing that his transmutation will fail.

He can also rewrite the rules of the Hypermeadow with his reality warping, physics and law manip