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Boboiboy are powerful than we think.

(SPOILER) In the movie2 and in the book evolusi kuasa(power evolution). RETAK'KA says that when every time boboiboy do the elemental splits, every individual element get's weakened. i do not know the exact amount but i will says every individual element when boboiboy do the splits get weaken by the amount boboiboy splits.Example when boboiboy do the triple splits he power get half by 3 meanig he has 1/3 of the original strength,when he do the penta splits he power get half by 5 (1/5) and hepta splits by 7(1/7). Also can we address that boboiboy Relativistic to lightspeed because i think boboiboy lightning(1 tier form) is serpose to be lightning fast and thundersorm serpose to be fast as thunder.The speed of light is obvious for light and solar.
Screenshot 2020-04-05-17-35-44
Screenshot 2020-04-05-17-35-52
Translate Retak'ka:probably raw kids like you don't know ..... split makes elemental power weak

This is from the movie and on the bottom is from the comic

I also want to point out that comic boboiboy and boboiboy from cartoon/movie are different because in comic you got scene like this:

So here in comic you got to see that when retak'ka(comic) trap boboiboy(comic) in a tornado , boboiboy(comic) change into boboiboy Ice and freeze the entire tornado and shattering it . Also in the same page where boboiboy Ice shooting ice arrow at retak'ka , we get to see that retak'ka change his body into wind to let attack pass trough him and get behind boboiboy .

While in the movie we never got those scene. There also many other scene that are in comic that never been seen in the movie. Even the ending of comic retak'ka and retak'ka from the movie also different. In comic retak'ka was defeated and captured by boboiboy while in the movie he is killed by boboiboy.