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Bloodborne: So about dimensionality and great ones in general

the consciousness and existence of a Great One transcends time, space, and death. Unlike humans, their consciousness is not three dimensional, but rather exists at the level of a higher plane.

"Master Willem looked to beings from higher planes for guidance and sought to line his brain with eyes in order to elevate his thoughts."

Since the player fights and slaughters a few of The Great Ones throughout the game, it can be inferred that they do experience a certain type of physical existence. But this is not always the case.

"The keepers who mind the slumbering Great Ones, gained eternal life…"

"The Queen lies dead, but her horrific consciousness is only asleep, and it stirs in unsettling motions."

Most of these comes from this (https://twinfinite.net/2015/05/bloodbornes-hidden-backstory-finally-explained/5/) and all proof there are mentioned in in-game dialog or even item discription. like beings becoming one with the cosmos or how the sky and cosmos are considered one and let's not forget living failures actually making (summoning?) a portal through space.

I mean it's obvious that The Great Ones are extremely powerful, multi-dimensional beings that can exist across several planes of existence.

Hell Oedon reached such a high level of existence he dosent even have a body anymore and his just a voice (he's also noted to be a cut above his peers).

The Great Old Ones are noted as entities who come from a Higher Dimensional Plane and exists outside the boundary of Space-Time and Dimensions as a whole. Of which there is countless dream realities that exist within something equivalent of the Dreamlands.

So this is a Q&A and also a CRT depending where this goes.
Also having more insight allows you to see beings (as we all know) of higher-planes of existence and interact with them, like the amygdala, or enemies appearing in different forms (or true forms) so I don't see why they just have invisibility.

And again their physical manifestation getting destroyed in a lower plane of existence (waking world) does not kill them since their consciousness (true selves) are elsewhere.

And you technically have to kill them within the plane of existence they inhabit so that they can actually die.
I don't really see how all of these statements relate to AP, for the most part. At most (As in, I still doubt it) I could see the Great Ones having Type 9 Immortality, since their consciousness exists in "transcendental planes of thought" and is independent from their physical bodies, as far as I remember, but this wouldn't necessarily give them any tier, especially given how vague the statements are.

This guy's interpretations are also different from the wiki's standards on this sort of stuff. People are free to view things however they want outside of here, but from a VS Debating standpoint, you at least have to back up such specific claims, otherwise it looks like he pulled these statements out of nowhere.
I think that Ultima makes sense. Thank you for helping out.
I agree with Ultima on this. Funnily enough, in the original japanese item description for A Call Beyond," there is mention of "higher-dimensional" darkness, but to me that, as well as every other mention of higher existence in Bloodborne, more likely refers to space or just anything beyond the planet, really. There's little evidence to support higher-dimensional Great Ones and what is present is too vague to use at face value and likely doesn't corrolate to literal higher planes of reality.