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Black Clover Discussion Thread

Since it seems like more than 2 people in this wiki know about Black Clover and are willing to talk about it i thought about creating a general discussion thread,

current topic: Aster not cutting space magic and cutting space magic,

ValonArglnote gave a really good link: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlackClover/comments/4rvb3c/spoilers_potential_plot_hole_in_chapter_69/

and there my theory appears too which is pretty much summed up in this, it was a dicussion where i will name the people A and B:

A: "Asta can cancel out direct blast of mana or other types of mana if his sword comes in contact with it, the portal is spacial magic so it can engulf Asta without coming in direct contact with the swords with selves. So the main key is contact."

B: "Well the portal is itself made of mana and asta's sword did make contact with it, as he jumped through the portal. So it should have still been canceled out"

A: "no, your looking at it from the wrong perspective, contact being with the outside layer off where the opening of the portal is versus going straight through it are 2 completely different things"

B: "Okay, that makes more sense, the middle portion is just the other side, so there is no mana there to cut"

what do the others think?
raws of ch76 are out, and wow, yuno and his team are STRONG!

their captain covered a entire town in a gigantic tree:

http://img.mangamint.com/sites/default/files/manga/5/3847/16-bl76r_adserv (16).jpg

i think he deserves a profile plus...this counts as city-lvl AP right? or more (considering the size of the tree)...

PS: im not the only one who got reminded on the senju tree of naruto right?

PSS: there is also a guy who has a ability that mirrors the powers of okuyasu from jojo part 4:

http://img.mangamint.com/sites/default/files/manga/1/3847/10-bl76r_adserv (10).jpg

http://img.mangamint.com/sites/default/files/manga/2/3847/11-bl76r_adserv (11).jpg

http://img.mangamint.com/sites/default/files/manga/1/3847/12-bl76r_adserv (12).jpg

i guess Black Clover will only get more haxxed with each chapter :D
Vet (the beast magician) needs a update, he doesnt only have beast-powers but in his demon-magic-mode he also is able to curse his victims and turns their bones to dust:


i guess his ability set should get "curse" and "durability ignoring" as powers since the curse doesnt seem to require a initial bone destruction, if you are hit with it (mostlikely by contact) your bones will turn into dust,

i always wondered why asta screamed so much after "only" his bones got broken (he usually gets injured far worse)



seems like his bones started to turn into dust, it isnt instantly but seems like it takes some time to happen :O