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Black alice vs caster


Both are 1-A speed equalized.
I forgot 1-A battles are like this🤣takes the fun away...let me go find a 2B battle then.
For clarification, The 1-A rating for the Holy Grail had its thread reopened because some people found its scaling questionable

Second issue here is that it is 1-A with Hax not a stricly/only 1-A key lol he is physically 6-A but has 1-A hax/ability potency

and currently yes, it is baseline 1-A Hax.


VS Battles
Yeah the justification doesn't make sense imo.

Also, do you know which thread talks about this?
You shoudl express that concern on the thread.

To make it short and concise; The Holy Grail (an Item Sieg has so it should be listed in Standard Equipment too) bores a hole through a hole that opens a path way that leads to the swirl of the Root which going by the tiering system that could only be a 1-A feat due to the different between each layer or plane of existence whatever word you wantt o use lol

Currenly there really isn't any disagreements besides people saying more characters should scale which once i finally have time i will make a detailed thread about why more characters should scale

anyways link to thread is here