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VS Battles
Here it is. The magnum opes I swore to write on my birthday. Two of my favorite villains going head to head.

Gamzee Makara vs Evil Cole MacGrath


The Beast trugged past The Bard's handiwork, equal parts impressed and disgusted. The White House, once the proud capital building of a glorious empire, lay desecrated for the second time un it's life span. Corpses and flayed carcases were arranged into sick artworks, demented recreations of scenes from Cole's life. Messages were painted on the walls of this makeshift history museum.

We were nothing


Gamzee stared out at the unfeeling ocean, waiting for his father to come home. He hadn't yet. He hadn't for a long time. That was fine. Life was fine. His laptop lay off to his side, his chat handle open but not active. He was well aware of his friends messaging him, likely sending another slurry of insults his way. That was fine. Life was fine. Drug infused pie passed his lips and a silky, soothing calm washed over him. The world seemed to dance abd twirl around him. The soothing miracles of life filled the air. That was fine. Life was fine. Just another night, no different than any other.

Sometimes, when he hadn't had his pie in awhile, he could feel voices ever so slightly unlike his own creep into the back of his head. That was fine. Life was fine.


Just another day. Wake up, hang with Zeke. Screw around for a bit, then go to work. Deliver packages, leave after shift. Pick up Trish, go on date. Maybe it would be a restaurant date, maybe a movie one. Drop her off at her house, then head home. Delete chastising messages from parents. Day on, day out. An ordinary life, for an ordinary man.

Cole ignored how the package glowed and hummed. Not his business, he just delivered. Just another delivery, just another day.


Until we saw our soul


This was not fine.

Voices echoed in his head, screaming in rage and whispering in sadism. Headaches and moods came and went. The miracles were gone, his truth torn apart before him. All he had left was that damn doll, cackling silently. Knowingly. He looked into it for answers. For truth. What he found was revelation. He looked into those eyes, the eyes of his Lord, and saw his own soul inside.

The doll's jaws snapped shut. The truth lay bare before him. He would cause every bit of suffering that he and his friends had experienced. What once would've brought despair only brought in ice cold rage. He knew what he must do.


The day had ended. Normality was dead.

Cole's normal life, his day to day routine, was gone. And his ticket to a new life lay cackling in the palm of his hands. Zeke's betrayal flashed in his mind. The death of his girlfriend came right after. Piece by piece, his life was ripped to shreds. But within his grasp, a new life began. A life if power. Growth. Control.

The Ray Sphere clicked together. Never again. He knew what he had to do.


"They were our lifelines."


Gamzee lay back, relaxed for the first time sense his revelation. His best friend checked his body for scars, shouting out the usual amount of hot air. "Bro, this ain't necessary." Gamzee protested as his arm was lifted and examined. "Well, if you insist. You know, if you actually told me WHERE you disappeared to for weeks on end and HOW you keep getting covered in scars, maybe I wouldn't be worried." Karkat berated. "It's nothing you need to worry about." Karkat shot him a disdainful look, which quickly melted into a look of actual sympathy and concern. It was one of the few times Gamzee felt legitimately guilty. "You want to watch a movie? We can talk it out over a romcom?" Gamzee said, immediately trying to distract his best friend. Karkat's sympathetic gaze didn't leave him, even as he got up to pick out a movie.

Gamzee wouldn't tell his friend anything. He wasn't supposed to know anything. But damn if that didn't hurt to think about.


Cole quietly sat down next to Zeke. Neither one talked over the sounds of the old western. For once, there was nothing strange. No conduits, no militia. No ice men, or corrupted, or world ending beasts. For once, it was just Cole and Zeke. Watching a movie like old times, nothing but a few beers between them.

For once, Zeke didn't have to think about how many people his friend might kill today. For a minute, Cole's lightning wasn't red and twisted.


But now we can't go back


Karkat would've welcomed him back. Gamzee had killed two of his closest friends and Karkat had welcomed him back. Gamzee could've stopped at any time, confessed everything, come back covered in blood, and Karkat would've welcomed him back. Gamzee had to wonder, seeing his best friend fall to his firey death, if Karkat still would've welcomed him back. If Gamzee could've just grabbed him at the last minute and all would be forgiven. For once, he wasn't sure. That hurt more than anything.

Still, what's done was done. The rage subsided, and Gamzee sat down calmly. This was it, the end of the world. It would all be over soon.

"I love you, brother, but I'm sure gonna miss you."


It was done. Zeke lay dead at his feet. It was over. He'd crossed that line forever ago. It was often said that crossing the point of no return got easier the more you did it. That wasn't true. Cole screamed in agony as the RFI was smashed to pieces. That never could've been true.

This was it. The end of the world. It would all be over soon.


It was all for nothing


He had failed. His Lord, his son, had failed. The cycle remained unbroken and life went on. A new world was made to pointlessly exist only to pointlessly end. And Gamzee could do nothing but walk this new Earth until it ended, then keep walking it forever more. Just another chain in the loop. Life began, reached its peak, ended. Causing suffering forevermore.

Until he saw it. The Blast. He followed the events of Empire City closely, more out if curiosity than anything else. It didn't matter, this Earth would end like the one before it did. But that didn't stop him from following and watching. Keeping an eye on events.

That was when he saw him. The Demon. He recognized the way he carried himself, the way he acted. He spread Chaos the only way a Rage player could.

He grew in power, giving up more if his soul each time. Abd each time, Gamzee wondered. Maybe, just maybe, he could break the cycle yet. The Beast could be the one to break the chain.


And that brings us up to today. Gamzee went on a few massacres, set up his exhibit, and waited.

The Beast had wordlessy examined each exhibit. "...What the ****." He breathed out. The statues and descriptions had caught him up to speed, but he wasn't quiet willing accept it. "Let me get this straight. I just saved humanity. I killed my best friend to save humanity. And you want me to help you destroy the world because, what. Because you sympathize with me?" Cole laughed a little. "You're completely ****** in the head." Gamzee sighed, picking up one of his bloodied clubs as he stood up. "That's a damn shame. You could've ended everything on a high note. At least if we broke the chain now, we could've gone out with a bang." Gamzee and Cole began to circle each other in what used to be the oval office. The Amp and club dragged across the floor. "You created paradise, brother. You can die happily with thst thought in mind."


Okay, so about the fight itself. Yes, I am aware of the massive tier gap. However, consider these points.

1. Matter hax does genuinely ignore durability up to that level. If 7-C Alex Mercer could beat 5-B characters with matter hax and ve considered fair game for 4-A characters, I don't see how a fight with this kind of gap wouldn't be fair.

2. Gamzee is getting downgraded to 5-A. If the gap us really that big if a problem, we can just wait for that to go through.

3. Both characters have only ONE win condition and it's not a starting move for either one of them.


Speed Equalized.

Beast Cole vs Base Gamzee

Gamzee Makara Smile
Evil Cole Reaper
Planetary Mind Hax.

No. The Black Hole won't kill him thanks to Type 8 immortality, but he'd be soudly incapacitated.
His mind hax is more than planetary irrc. Anyway Gamzee can likely just one-shot Cole via chucklevoodos like how he did with Equius.
Yeah, he can. But he doesn't always start with that. Nepeta, Karkat, Terezi, Kanaya, etc.
Chucklevoodoos are literally just mind hax.

That said, saying he one-shots with them is kinda weird because it.. isn't really an attack. Like, Luke Skywalker doesn't "one-shot" with mindhax.
So Cole doesn't go for his wincon first? When does he go for it because Chucklevoodoos is still something Gamzee definitely would use and isn't exactly conservative with...anything
The Wright Way said:
Yeah, he can. But he doesn't always start with that. Nepeta, Karkat, Terezi, Kanaya, etc.
He actually uses it during a good part of Murderstuck on Karkat and Terezi too according to WoG. For Nepeta and Kanaya Idk.
Also it can be used to one-shot, since he used it to paralyse Equius and make him waaaay weaker than usual, to the point of being killed by a bow's string (Andrew said that if it wasn't because of chucklevoodos, the string just would have broke).
YuriAkuto said:
Also it can be used to one-shot, since he used it to paralyse Equius and make him waaaay weaker than usual, to the point of being killed by a bow's string (Andrew said that if it wasn't because of chucklevoodos, the string just would have broke).
It's High 7-A vs High 4-C dude... the only reason Cole is in this fight at all is because of his regen.
Quick question before I actually put a vote on this thing (even if it might be misguided), how often does Gamzee use the mindhax
It varies. He's a bit inconsistent. He opened with it against Equius, abused it all throughout Murderstuck, used it to give John nightmares, etc. On the other hand, he never used it against Kanaya despite having ample opportunity. It's not always a starting move, but it certainly isn't out of character either.
Not always a starting move but he uses it more often than not, it seems. Yeah, if that's the case than I'd probably go for Gamzee. He obviously can survive most of Cole's physics attacks and it's not like Cole would immediately know he can't do anything, and since, from what I understand, Cole doesn't use his wincon right away either, I almost think it's more common for Gamzee to use Chucklevoodoos than for Cole to pull off his win. So...I mean I guess Gamzee?
Just based off what I've been told with his encounters, it seems like he uses it as an opener more often than not.
Anyway, this is a weird ass question

If a Chucklevoodo wits Cole, and he explodes due to the massive AP gap, would he be mindhaxed when he regens?
Schnee One said:
Anyway, this is a weird ass question

If a Chucklevoodo wits Cole, and he explodes due to the massive AP gap, would he be mindhaxed when he regens?
That's not how it works Schnee. Chucklvoodo is no more an attack than the Jedi Mind Trick. It's just the in-universe term for Gamzee's mibd powers. The reason it was stated he'd "one-shot" with it, is because he can lower characters physical stats with it. Nothing suggests this would let him null Cole's regen or anything like that.
Still going for Gamzee, since he's more experienced than a user of chucklevoodos like Karako, which fear powers were enough to make the seadwellers ran away.