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Last time I heard, he had 1-B power null, but given he hasn't had a revision to stay Tier 1 on the new system, that's pretty much moot now.
Yeah, i know, even if restricted he probably still stomps, but i want him in top 5 H6A.
This is a stomp. The closest thing that the Kumo Desu verse has to Existence Erasure is Void Magic, and even then that's just a soul attack that ignores resistance to Soul Manipulation. In the Kumo Desu verse, the erasure of the soul is as far as things go, there is no coming back. A fiction that ignores this rule will generally win when characters that can revive their soul are pitted against the Kumo Desu verse.

There is absolutely no way for Kumoko to do anything about Immortality Type 8. On top of this, only D (Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?) is capable of time manipulation as far as canon goes in Kumo Desu. Furthermore, even she, the God of the End, doesn't have Existence Erasure in the Kumo Desu verse.

Kumoko does not have a win condition due to Ain's passive existence beyond a soul.
My main question here is: why is Ainchase Ishmael Apostasia only in Tier 6? I mean, I guess if there's nothing actually showing him doing more than multi-continent level stuff, sure, but he has complete control of Henir's realm, which is noted as "infinite."

He's a Tier 6 with hax that put him in Tier 2. /O.O;\
Is this key, his control over Henir's Realm acts more as a summon than anything else, then he shouldn't be tier by "having control over" it.
I see, well, FRA that I stated, still a stomp. Nothing in the Kumo Desu verse can do anything about Immortality of the soul, since it's the be-all-end-all for Kumo Desu.
Going over this again, but Kumoko might be able to BFR. Kumoko has teleported many other beings, without effort, to pocket dimensions of her own making that require no energy to maintain (since she stores a ridiculous number of her clones in many different pocket dimensions at all times). Without Dimensional Manipulation, one would not be able to escape this. On top of this, Kumoko has the ability to interfere with the magic of others, as stated by Chapter 330 of the Web Novel, allowing her to effectively keep her opponents trapped in this dimension.

I'm going to withdraw my statement, Kumoko does have a win condition, and going over Ain's abilities up to now, only Ruler of the Abyss may be able to counter this, but I am unfamiliar as to exactly how this ability works. If it allows Ain to enter the abyss and then exit to the battlefield, Kumoko can just send him back into a pocket dimension (or anywhere else, for that matter). If Ain's control of the abyss allows him to escape and reenter the battlefield before the BFR time rule is up, I would actually say this match is inconclusive. If he cannot, this would be Kumoko's win.

E: oh and Mauer seems to be exactly one of the many things that Kumoko does with her own dimension portals. Ain, from this description, does not travel through them? Can he? Does he ever? Leere could kill Kumoko, but does this skill have a cast time? Is it avoidable? If so, Kumoko would transfer her soul to any of her clones.
Ain can still nuke Kumoko from the pocket dimension with tier 2 EE, he also has some passive hax, one of them being arguebly 4D in strenght but not in range.
4D strength tier is not part of Apostasia Key, but strength doesn't really matter in this case due to Immortality 2/3/6. The only thing that does is Leere, the T2 EE that you say works through multiple dimensions. Does this skill have a cast time? How large is it? Can you explain in more detail how this skill works?

Kumoko, before becoming a god, has transferred her soul in the middle of being attacked by Ariel's Void Magic, which, for all intents and purposes, is the Kumo Desu equivalent of EE. She maintains this instant transfer ability as a god with any number of her 10,000+ clones across many pocket dimensions.
Apostasia is H6A, 2B, possibly 2A with Henir's powers, every single attack he does has one of the traits of Henir's Realm, being it corruption, erasure, etc. He has full control over Henir's Realm, which is present at the beginning and end of all things, erases using type 2 concepts, in-game he can summon it cutting a hole in reality (see the skill Ende der Welt), but in-lore he should be able to do it in other ways.
Oh, I completely missed Ende der Welt when I was reading. Ok, yep, this is still a stomp. Too many Tier 2 EE hax. lol
I have no idea where that thread is, and Fandom's search functionality is particularly bad at finding Forum threads.