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About Jorge joestar novel (non version of JoJo bizarre adventure)

Simple question, is this novel fanfiction or not ?
It's an officially licensed novel done in part for JoJo Vs., a 25th-anniversary collab where multiple authors worked with Araki on joint projects, another one from teh same set of shit is Over Heaven, a novel written by the author of the Monogatari light novels about Dio, and his perspective of the events of JoJo (The novel itself is meant to be Dio's diary). Jorge Joestar being written by the author of such books like Disco Wednesdayyy or Tsukumojuku.

For Jorge, Araki did the cover illustrations but that's about it.

It isn't fanfiction, but it's very, very, very not canon and Araki had like **** all t do with writing it. It's basically JoJo AF but if AF was apart of an official project.