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A Powerpuff girl vs King K Rool


Blossom (1998)



King K Rool (Donkey Kong Canon)

Both are 6-C.

King K rool arrvies in Townsville wanting to take over it. Due to bubbles and buttercup oversleeping, it's up to Blossom to save the day, but can she? Maybe, maybe not.
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Wait until K. Rool's revision is applied. His profile is monkey shit right now.
All right, we're in business!

Looking at Blossom's profile...

K. Rool probably just AP stomps her. He's on the end of "Tanks his calc without problems" and Blossom here seems to scale to a third of 23.9 Gigatons or so... or around 8 Gigatons. and she was injured by it. K. Rool is over 4.5x that and is a ruthless fighter who's not afraid to put literal children into the ground, which basically means Blossom gets hurt badly by inevitably getting tagged by K. Rool, especially since he is prone to shit-talking in combat and thus exploits one of Blossom's weaknesses.

Now of course, if Blossom's Ice breath is nasty enough, it might be enough to overwhelm K. Rool, but that's if she spams it and she doesn't rush for Melee.