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joke battles

  1. GokuBlacksolosyourverse

    Joke Battle's scale page problem

    Because of unknown reason, the title of Joke Battle's scales always has "Joke Battles Wikia:" I mean that's extremely unpleasant. So I guess.. we need to remove the "Joke Battles Wikia:" in the title of scales
  2. FluffyCreatureZ

    Is this profile acceptable to add on joke battles wiki?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:FluffyCreatureZ/Monkey_D._Luffy_(IdeaShock) It's basically a profile of Monkey D. Luffy but using the scaling of a power scaling youtuber.
  3. Toast

    Who’s the better copy cat? (Kirby VS Adam)

    This just popped into my head and I can’t stop thinking about it. I know there’s a one sub-tier difference between them for strength, but this Kirby was the closest one I could find. Wouldn’t doubt it if it was still a stomp though… Ahem “For the second round of Ragnarok, it’s the father of...
  4. Adriana Lima vs Smaug

    Fan fight. Forces of the parties: Smaug: huge size, fiery breath, enormous physical strength, intelligence. Adriana Lima: martial artist, agility, good looks, mind manipulation, feminine charm, silenced pistol.
  5. Legeo364

    Boyfriend vs Parappa "Ballistic" Edition

    Boyfriend (FNF) (Post-Whitty) PaRappa (Post-PaRappa The Rapper 2) Special Conditions: Both are gonna have a rap battle over this version of Ballistic: FNF Bot Restricted TAS Restricted Whoever can do the most notes wins Takes place in the Roblox game Funky Friday
  6. Aminatou vs Tails Doll (Joke Battle)

    Both are at their Strongest Both are willing to kill Aminatou: Tails Doll: This is a Non-Godmode Battle Who Wins... (Keep The bias to a minimum) Don't take anything here to seriously, the title says it all....